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    It’s 6:18 in Cali. That office is closing. And we will be left here to scream into the void. Honestly don’t. Enjoy your weekends if you can. Get the zetas back. @Ender22 don’t quit por favor. The forums need more peeps like you on here.

    I agree man, they should enjoy their weekends, I feel really bad for them in a way right now. I know IT guys, they have to stay up all night for nonsense worse than this. But they can't drop something like this out of nowhere.

    Mid raid man, I was mid raid. I was going to be first. I worked hard. I don't get first often and because I am going to get 7* Traya soon, I will have to scale back.

    I hate RNG. And while RNG is claimed here all the time, I never really felt like it was bad. I hate chance games, like Phase 4, or gofish, or War (if you know the 52 card game). Their team is the RNG. Their team is the chance that pushed me out. I can't. I shouldn't play anyways, so I can't. I don't think they can make up for these feelings.

    Good luck Vinny, I always like seeing when you commented on things.
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    Wasnt cg advertising paper zombie as a mechanic? Didnt they say "WAI - change your teams" when people were complaining about the acolyte cheese in arena a few months ago?

    The changes as proposed, coupled with the forthcoming change to paper zombie, literally make nightsisters useless. They have no purpose in the end game any longer.

    It also directly nerfs newly released characters and their abilities on the raid (namely young solo and big Z). Does CG intend to refund the money spent on resources to level those characters @CG_CapGaSP @CG_TopHat ? Or is this another instance where "communication" actually means "delivering news that screws the playerbase and then ignoring them"?

    Just want to chime in and say that we are still figuring out what the changes to Zombie look like, but we've got some really solid leads. Our goal is to make Zombie still fit her roll as the same constantly dying awesome taunting tank she's always been. We're also looking at how we bring some of the juice of her constantly dying under the Paper Zombie paradigm and bring that into the powered up Zombie.

    You've not had a solid lead in months
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    I think everyone should just finish the str or hstr and not start another one in protest! This isn't fixing the raid it's not help it on our side it's just going to make even less fun and harder. This raid is only doing one thing killing the game! Especially how they are treating it, when are they going to realize it SUCKS!

    My guild will not be doing another str raid ever, we are small and will probably never get traya, but im not even going to participate in this ridiculousness anymore.
    I was pretty much clearing this raid by myself t2 and was working on ns to help speed it up , thanks CG for eliminating my little guild from having any relief in this raid. We were never gonna get traya so the reasoning behind your nerf of the NS , instead of the actual cause , trays and her bonds, literally screwed us for no reason as we/i could've never accomplished it.
    And it actually doesn't do anything to these whale guilds who farm this raid , will just take longer for them. It shouldve been looked at as a QOL upgrade for those who actually got traya , who dont have to do this raid anymore.

    So thanks again for this ridiculous fix to a non problem , while ignoring the actual problem of str raid killing this game.
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    It’s 6:18 in Cali. That office is closing. And we will be left here to scream into the void. Honestly don’t. Enjoy your weekends if you can. Get the zetas back. @Ender22 don’t quit por favor. The forums need more peeps like you on here.
    How do we do that because I could use those 4 full zeta mats elsewhere
  • Really disappointment in the changes
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    I agree with much of your post, but I disagree when it comes to the zombie. The sisters were my first, and are still my arena team. That means they were my first gear 12 team and have served me well all this time (I started last Oct.), I have been in the top 50 since they became my main team and I still usually finish top 50.

    The fact that I was doing what the game says you're supposed to do, progress your team, should not put me at a disadvantage to other people using the same team.

    You say " It took about 30 seconds to read the kit and see the synergies were better for weak zombie." That is simply not true for the arena. Yes, people were using that strategy in the beginning, but it soon became clear that if you want to rank really high you needed a strong zombie. It wasn't until the Sith raid when the paper zombie became the team you really wanted.

    Like I said, I do agree with most of your other points though.

    I also whaled out on NS (one of my favorite parts of Star Wars canon - seriously would have bought and geared Talzin even if she was a mediocre toon) and in my developed shard they were functional until recently. They had a pretty great run in my shard and it's cool to know they're still functioning in other shards (virtual fist bump to you, my friend). I kept my zombie weak to feed Asajj right away, though I wasn't as conscious of the other synergies (with Talzin and Daka) until a little later. And in the intervening months other players have spent and planned and built around what they want to get out of an NS team with a paper zombie. I had no problem getting #1 in arena with weak zombie from the start and for months - though it did have a disadvantage against other NS teams with strong zombie. Strong zombies are more viable against the current meta, and have always been more viable against some teams (like troopers - though the double tank build with GK and weak zombie can also take down troopers).

    And it's clear paper zombie was a developer mistake - they have pretty much admitted it. And I do think, for sure, players who leveled zombie should be compensated in some way. But at this point, justifying the nerf based on the idea of game integrity doesn't hold up.

    And that is the bigger issue here. If we don't look at the specifics of a given toon and how that toons fits into our individual choices and think of the competitive principles at stake, we all stand to lose from the type of nerf this is. At a certain point in time, and that does have to be a more relative and subjective assessment, dev mistakes become fully integrated into the game and the devs should just have to basically eat their mistakes as the game has "progressed" (their term) based on their decisions.

    Gamers should be opposed to these kind of nerfs on principle and we need to stick together and make clear that this type of a nerf, in this context, is not cool. I haven't invested in Shan or Nest, it's clearly a problem that they operate so well at low stars, but as I see most people I know throwing on gear and making other choices related to building squads around the reality of what the devs have done there will reach a point (soon) where nerfing them will be a clear negation of the game itself.

    And we definitely shouldn't passively accept these rationales that what is happening to the game right now is about protecting competition and progression when what is happening actually undermines those ideas and seems more a response to deeper mistakes they've made related to their rate of profit.

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    Vengence wrote: »
    STHan ✔️
    Expose ✔️
    Ships ✔️
    Entire Nightsister Team
    Player Base

    Almost got everything checked off

    And clones & deathmark. So they have now nerfed JTR,Deathtrooper,Clones, and Nightsisters in which none could even solo a phase :neutral:
  • Yea, it's amazing this is the only thread on the official forum vs what you see in the community.
    Needing an established long farm squad for a big with one toon that is not innately part if that squad
    Oh yea 6 marquees in 2 weeks and everything else dropping on hard nodes.
    We get it cg. The horse is dead, stahhpppppp
  • Yea, it's amazing this is the only thread on the official forum vs what you see in the community.
    Needing an established long farm squad for a big with one toon that is not innately part if that squad
    Oh yea 6 marquees in 2 weeks and everything else dropping on hard nodes.
    We get it cg. The horse is dead, stahhpppppp

  • How about adding an ability to zombie that allows you to add / remove gear. Or giving players with strong zombie the option to revert. That is probably the most fair, competitive-minded, and progression-protecting correction.
  • This. Simply fix isolate like thrawns ability bombs raid bosses.
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    @CG_TopHat 20 stacks? Is that your final answer?

    No, it's not my final answer. It's my answer for now as we monitor how the change impacts the player base. We recognize it's a pretty big change and want to see how it performs over time.

    Top hat seems to be the only guy who can give a proper answer on the forums. I don't like the 20 bonds thing but at least he recognises it as a big hit. I really hope you guys bump it to the 40-50 Mark though.
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    I am going to give my guildmates the chance to win their TW though. That'd be **** up elsewise

    I am just an observer for the most part, but I could not help notice the interaction between you and Vinni. If you are willing to stay on for the sake of your guild's TW, why not just play with the group and avoid the raid altogether? The fact that you are not willing to hang them out to dry means that you are honorable. Maybe you could enjoy helping them out and playing with them outside of the raid. You have ever right to be ticked off and I would not blame you if you did quit. I just wanted to let you know that I thought you staying on for the sake of your guild was honorable and worthy of comment.

    Good Hunting.
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    Goodness, all this grief from a bunch of people that couldn't even do this anyway. It's like being upset with Bentley because they decided to remove cup holders. You dont have Bentley so no worries.

    The solo team isn't the issue. The issue is the massive nerf to NS teams

    It's not that massive, at least not in heroic. A fully geared zombie with Asaj lead still will easily put up 2 mil damage in phase 4 which is where most guilds use NS anyway. So to get past DN portion 10 people need to attack now instead of 5, not a huge deal. I mean, changing mechanics stinks but it's not the end of the world. Prior to the you tube video I never even used acolyte in sith raid.

    I get everyone's frustration, just think it's a little over the top. NS squads will still destroy DN in phase 4, you just remove stacks at 15. Always my strategy anyway and my poorly moddedd squad never did less that 2 mil but usually did around 2.5.

    That's all you were getting? It's really not hard to more than double your score with regular old Nightsisters. No Treya infinite loop team needed... or it used to not be hard to double your score, before a 4 Zeta investment team got kicked in the walnuts on a flimsy pretext.

    I agree completely. Just never took the time to do it right, my point being if you were getting 5 mil before at worst you wl get 2.5 to 3mil. Still more than enough to destroy DN with 10 attacks.

    Nowhere near enough to get into my guild's top 10 anymore. So no more good rewards for the NS people who relied on the big p4 runs to do well.
  • @Banth you ve had ns for a long time. Totally suped up too. This is a huge blow to players like yourself that bought into mechanics, literally, because you have a great mind for this game.
    With the upcoming changes to zombie as well- it’s still not over.
    I’m sorry for all of you and the player base.
    Moving goal posts, and restructuring teams devs created , and then changing them - is just as unhealthy as loop teams.
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    I’m personally not ready to give up the raid. That acolyte thing, it takes away from half of the raid.

    First, whoever got Traya to 7* first, would undoubtedly take 1st from thereon. THAT would be lame.

    Second, when everyone has her at 7*, then what? We are no longer going to compete with skill? Take away the raid from those who enjoy being the best?

    If you don’t like the raid, don’t play it. If you don’t get first, the person who enjoys the game more than you gets it. Oh well, it’s just a game. But don’t take it away from those who enjoy it.

    Maybe some day I’ll get to the point where I don’t like playing the raid. Then I won’t. Maybe I’ll do some quick throw ins, and end it. But I’m not ready to give it up, so please don’t take it.

    The issue is that their solution is to nerf an established high damage team and ignoring the fact that trayas isolate makes the loop work
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    If that’s the change. Id want back both my AV zetas as well as OD. Plz n tnx.
    Also if we have to gear zombie. I’ll be looking in my inbox for those gear pieces in full. Plz. Tnx.
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