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  • True but last time (everytime) they make changes to the unseen interactions the top players get to keep their rewards and the rest of the 99% of us get nothing. If they’re quick to ”fix” things then good, but in this case months have passed and I would appreciate something in return for the time and effort that I put into the toons that are no longer going to make a huge difference in my raid score. Some recognition of the time and effort would be very much appreciated. 20 zera shards should probably be added to that request.
  • 1 full zeta and 500 crystals at a minimum
  • 500 crystals is such a small drop in the bucket for all the resources dedicated to toons that are no longer performing as I had anticipated them to. It’a really too small.
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    I wouldn't expect crystals whilst those double drops are happening either.
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    So ... Do I get my Nightsister Zetas back, now that you made them utterly useless?
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    @Nikoms565 would love to hear your take on this whole fiasco.

    Well, to begin with, I'm okay with stopping an infinite loop versus a raid boss. I fully support the idea that raids are a team effort (even if the rewards for Heroic tier are anything but....but that's a different 1,500 post, unanswered thread for another....year, apparently).

    That said, that's not all CG did. They nerfed NS functionality in the raid. Period. Anyone who runs straight NS in phase 4 knows (and so does CG) that 20 is too low.

    Secondly, the portion regarding "paper zombie" is absolutely ridiculous. Everyone fully understood the synergistic possibilities as soon as they read Daka and Vent's Zeta abilities. And CG has known them since before they were even released.

    So, on the one hand they "carefully monitor" things but on the other, paper zombie has been in use for months and now they're thinking about doing something? On the one hand they wanted to fix Critolyte before people made a significant investment, but waited months, until people poured crystals into shards access cantina refreshes for 7* zombie to do anything about her?

    Wish they would have been that quick with the Ships 2.0 mass nerfs....oh wait, another unanswered mega thread for another time.

    Noticing a trend? Yep, me too. And it dates back about a year.

    There's a reason the old whales and dolphins are mainly f2p now. It's because we grow tired of the "spend money for advantage > have advantage nerfed" story - that gets old and repetitive. Quickly.

    Fix the infinite loop. Fine. Nerf NS in the raid and threaten to nerf zombie too? Uncool. Again. And for the last year.

    You want Heroic Sith Raid (and other tiers) to be a team effort? Make the reward structure and quantities of rewards reflect that.

    Have a great weekend.

    Talk about knowing how to hit a nail on the head. Fixing the loop nobody has an issue with. You’re 100% right. The issue is how they fixed it. Appreciate the response!
    And like you said too, there’s so much that they leave unanswered and forgotten. But according to Tophat, they’re constantly trying to improve communication....pffft
  • I used 4 zetas on my NS squad only to find out they are trash in the raid now?
    I guess upsetting the player base is what your company is good at.I have spent a lot of time and money on gearing them to g12.
    A simple change to traya's isolate on raid bosses could have fixed this, but you had to do it this way.
    Won't be investing anymore in this game, since you never know what will be "fixed" without warning
  • At the time g12 was first implemented they stated that it would be more beneficial for weaker characters and less so for stronger characters as a form of nerf (Chaze for example at the time - they were a super team but g12 did little for them).
  • There's a lot of talk about heroic here. What about T6. Now, there's a place this is going to hurt...
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    Nothing will happen unless people organize and voice their opinions. If it hits their bottom line then we will make a difference, until then, they run all!
  • Oh look, CG ruining things again. #NotSurprised
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    They will make a "significant" make good by giving us nothing.
  • Kekoa wrote: »
    Nothing will happen unless people organize and voice their opinions. If it hits their bottom line then we will make a difference, until then, they run all!

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    2 nerfs of the useful characters for HSR. Characters that I have invested so much time and resources into (and I'm not even using the cheese comps yet I am punished). After my fun is ruined because they remove the ability to read what the raid does, internally process which of the 160 characters in the game will be effective, and work towards building a solid squad contributing to the success of my guild.

    I used crystals on talzin, zombie, and gear to max out all my sisters in time for my guild to actually be able to complete an HSR tactically as a team..
    I've been patient and understanding when there have been bugs in new-game content, as I understand that coding is tricky and always comes back with errors for even the best coder... but you created the very problem as a reward for this Raid. A raid that has been out for months...

    So what if people can solo the HSR...? they can solo Heroic Rancor and HAAT... Make a new/harder raid, make rancor simmable for guilds that can complete it within an hour. Dont mess with the work and progress we have all put into clearing HSR.

    So sad. I was making such progress
  • Not saying that you can't hate on them for making this change, but have you even seen a vid on how ns work now? have you tried it? just have a little patience and see how they work before demanding you get a refund on a still very good team. not like you still won't get pretty good scores with them you just have to relearn how to use them
  • Moved to "Sith Raid".

  • Moved to "Sith Raid".


    So moved to the abyss so no one can see it.
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    This nerf on the heels of their mod stat screwup just a few days ago. Seriously, do they have any idea what they are doing over there at CG? They could just sit there and crank out new toons and watch the money flow, but instead they keep crapping on us. It's like they want us all to quit.
  • I genuinely want my zeta mats back
  • @crazycdog29 More to the point is that the players who have been using these squads have been reaping the rewards for having them, and now other players will not be able to reap those same rewards, so we are behind. We decided to farm these toons in order to create an effective squad and compete with our guildmates. It is their right to protect the integrity of the content and I'm glad they do, but this is the second time others have benefitted from an unforeseen interaction. The fact that the devs are so late to correct the paper zombie interaction means that a lot of players have benefitted from that interaction for several weeks, and that is not fair to us who changed the way we use resources (time, money, mod, gear) in order to be able to put that squad together. I don't mind that they do these things, but when real world resources are invoked some sort of meaningful consideration should be involved. Imo
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