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    I want to refund Daka zeta, as it now one of the useless zeta in game, bacause of game admins fault.
    Where l could write to ask for refunding zeta materials?
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    Yes, this is yet another gear grind post. Why? Well, looking at my last 2 sets of HAAT rewards struck a chord. I know it’s a small sample size, but it is telling.

    I got zero gear that any characters currently need. Wow. 26 g12, 13 g11, 8 g10, 11 g9, and 34 g8. And nothing to help any of those 92 characters.

    Yeah, it’s a long grind, but the grind is growing exponentially (g12, g12+) and it feels like the toon release rate has increased this year.

    So, why shouldn’t Rancor and HAAT heroic tiers adjust accordingly? Help players get through that g8-g10 crunch to the actual minimum tiers for relevance g11/12. Please?

    Of course the cynical, realistic answer is that the devs intentionally created this problem by making stun guns and their components shared across so many characters instead of creating a greater diversity of gear use. Why? So we spend money of course. At nearly $20 USD per stun gun, i’ve got very little interest in doing so however. Nor do I have much interest in, for example, spending $60 USD, to take Old Ben from g9 to g10.

    TLDR; please make Rancor and HAAT gear relevant. Players need the gear to maintain healthy growth.

    Why is my post about HAAT and Rancor rewards merged with an HSTR nerf thread?

    It’s a completely different topic. Please extricate my thread from the MEGA.

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    How are petitions and boycotts not helpful? Those are peaceful things that prove points and change history.
    Because it would show just how far off they are. CG is like a bunch of 6 year olds plugging their ears and shouting "nah nah nah can't hear you" because their mom told em something they didn't like.
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    "Our philosophy on this change is that in a game about progression and powering up your characters, wanting to move backwards is antithetical to the spirit of the game and it creates a significant disadvantage to people who leveled past this point without knowing of the strategy in advance. Progressing a character should always feel good. "

    Let that sink in, guys who used all those mats to "progress" their NS team. It was mainly about the paper zombie strategy but it has a bonus connotation.

    Does your progressing all those nerfed toons feel good at all?

    Can’t find the original quote of this however . I get that “you” don’t want people to feel like they should go backwards in progression of Zombie but with this fix sooooooo many more want to go back on Talzin, Daka, Ventress and Zombie
  • Dear CG

    First of all; thanks for creating a game that we all love and to being in touch with your community of players, and you have proved to listen in the past to your base. So I hope you really here the cries of your loyal gamers.

    Many guilds are frantically farming and gearing and ZETAing specific toons, to clear heroic; which was running as INTENDED for months.... But now all of a sudden, because a couple of players found a way to create a Loop with the Raid Toon itself (Traya 7 stars), You go on to Nerf an entire Other Faction non related to Traya ??? This will push back many guilds currently barely clearing heroic, or about to, for several months...
    And how is this even remotely fair, for these guilds, vs guilds who for months have been clearing the Raid, specifically thanks to the NS mechanics that YOU had no problem with, and was working as INTENDED ???

    You are taking a sledgehammer to crack a nut, and worse, cracking the wrong nut !!! The problem is in the Traya mechanic; not in the NS... So Why not Nerf Traya in Raid, as any normal human being would do ? and instead create a situation that will enrage most of your player base ? Really, who is making these decisions?
    Have you seriously not held a meeting, and brainstormed about it ? and nobody in your entire team thought, MAYBE that might ****. off 90% of our players ??? Really ?

    Many players are considering quitting the game because of continuous frustration... The raid itself has broken up many guilds, and created tensions, and is wasting our time, and is a chore, and is not fun... and you know it and everybody is saying it... So why on earth would you make the situation even worse ?

    NS ain't broken... 7 stars Traya in Raid is.... It's so easy to figure out how to avoid the endless loop.

    Thanks, and hope you really do listen to us. Because I can guarantee you, you will be losing a lot of players, including whales... This is hurting your pockets. Don't hurt your pockets.
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    For a intelligent race like humanity there should be a link between:

    Thinking, Talking and Action

    Currently I'm evaluating if there is a link existing between those three things in the development, communication and the results that are coming from CG.

    To be honestly the last weeks are a slap in the face of this great community.
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    We can have hundred pages like that , and in a month , half of the poeple here will spend some money IG .... And CG will laugh again and again
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    Obi1_son wrote: »
    Peperlu wrote: »
    I'm all for it. Being able to solo Nihilus in itself is beyond ridiculous. It's a Sith Lord ffs…

    Nerfing the Crytolite had to be done. Taking care of the low lvl zombie too. Giving ppl the possibility to abuse of this (lowbie zombie) while ppl in a fair game spirit mindset can't, simply because they leveled him normally like other toons, was quite **** in the first place. Solution is quite simple tho...we have to be 7 * to get in the heroic raid, make it minimum G9-10 too and problem's solved.

    All in all, this had to be done. The raid is only 3-4 months old, c'mon. Allowing lower guilds to easily overcome P4 with that **** tactic would have simply lowered Traya's value. Let them sweat a lil bit over it like we all did… isn't this suppose to be a guild effort? Yeah. A "one man army" phase needing only a single player? Nope.

    Explain how a guild that hasn't already mastered the raid could use this tactic. It REQUIRES 7* treya

    Well, read again? Last part concerns the paper zombie issue.
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    Nerf good team and...

    Forum explodes.

    This is EA. This was the plan from the beginning. Milk the game to its final drop. It’s not going to go the way you think.

    This may be the end of the game, so I say my gooodbyes. I’m sorry you had to ruin my favorite game.
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    My Guild was getting close to mastering heroic STR because we heavily invested in Nightsister Zetas the last couple of weeks - and now you ruin the faction and throw us back until JTR comes back again because somebody exploited a 7* Traya...Are you serious? People in my guild are **** at me as well - because i advised them to crack Nightsisters. Have a couple of menbers that consider quitting the game...which will most likely destroy our guild. I never liked that CG bashing and always tried to understand your ways - but this just sucks.

    Similar but, but her haven't cleared heroic yet, we supposed to have our first attempt in 3 weeks and NS were a huge part of the plan. I g12 and put 4 Zetas on entirely for this raid....and pushed others to do the same. This raid broke guilds I and several others choose to stay with our core and build towards this raid. Which costs us greatly, now we get close to the finish line and you change the target. Guild moral could not be lower.
  • Crazy how fast they’ll “fix” something but how difficult it is for them to get rid of challenge gear or improve the terrible STR rewards for T1-6...... anybody else tired of the excuses?

    This. Enough is enough. We need to fight back now. Together we can be a disruptor.
  • 20 stacks come on... its ok to nerf but 20..put 40-50 stacks and its gonna be good for everyone..people spent time,& maybe money to build ns in this game & we dont talk about zeta ..think about it.
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    I bet foxnet is watching this conversation with a bag of popcorn and a big old smile.
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    DarthNeon wrote: »
    Yeah well it was talk to text so

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    @CG_TopHat @CG_Carrie @CG_CapGaSP

    I see from top hats post and that a nightsisiter nerf has been coming for a while. It got rushed by the treya acolyte combination but it was coming anyway.

    There has been hints from gamechanger comments livestreams and discords that a nightsister nerf was in the future but they seemed to be just hints. As these are the people promoted revan rumours and that claimed that the palpatine and vader rework upgraded them to mediocre characters we dont necessarily trust their credibility.

    What i ask you is why the hell did you jot communicate that fact to the player base over a month ago.

    Personally i feel the nerf so far isnt a bad thing as nightsisters can still pull 4.8 million points in phase 4 but i think the communication is very poor.
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    This nerf is ridiculous and if it stays this way then you guys should at minimum refund everyone who zeta'd Daka's unique since the release of the STR because I would not have wasted the Zetas and Omegas on her if I had known you were going to render it useless..... really bad decision on your end to handle this raid issue.
  • Just get rid of health steal up buff entirely and everything will be solved. Who needs it anyway. Its such a pointless buff.
  • I swear I posted this, but it isn’t showing anywhere, so here it goes again. My goal with this zombie rework is to make it better to gear while taking nothing away from what everyone already has. This will make NS stronger to help compensate for the recent nerf but shouldn’t make them OP in arena.

    New Zombie Unique:
    Zombie gains % defense equal to 0.002% of her protection. When Zombie is damaged she gains plague for 2 turns that can’t be resisted. Zombie can’t spread plague to allies. At the start of her turn, she inflicts plague 1 time on a random enemy for each plague on her. This cannot be resisted. When Zombie reaches full health, Nightsister allies gain 3% offense and crit damage (stacking) for each stack of plague dispelled.

    This gives incentive to add protection (more defense) and make her able to absorb more hits. She still grants the buffs when she dies, but she also grants buffs and spreads more plague if you can keep her alive. Her plague will stick on raid bosses to spread more damage.
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