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Rather than this approach with Daka how about a one time offer to allow your player base to "roll back" anyone they want to re-purpose the raw material? This should include mods at the original credit cost. So much has changed over the years; remember when we had a one time free mod removal? Even if we had to pay crystals for this it wouldn't be a bad change.

How about a way to quickly max out a character to the most your materials allow instead of clicking through one at a time? Combined with the above would be pretty interesting and lead to more variety in the end game.

CG DEv says: We want our player base to see value in toon progression. How about finding a purpose for every toon in a way that does not lock out the masses from key content? Otherwise how about just making the game more about letting us use who we want at end game and swap around who that is? I'd love to play around with so many toons but cannot afford to max them out or risk falling behind. Instead they sit forever at level 60, G7, with 5* mods to help my GP.

When did omegas become more of a crunch than zeta's ... or because zetas seem easier to obtain? Same for certain gear pieces.

If CG wants a "feel good" benefit to the player base ... 2 times zero still equals zero. How about raising the drop rates for bonus events? I've spent over 2000 crystals on ship energy this weekend for almost zero ship omegas for example.

Can we finally have a use for our alliance credits? During yet another failed idea many of us spent GW credits to buy these. How about converting them into shard shop credits if not an auto-spin feature?

Having played an alt to end game in a mid-tier guild I must also state that the Sith raid is torture. Most simply it never ends due to the length of time to beat it. There is some level of pressure to attack 5x per day every single day. There is no hope at Traya or G12 gear, the reward is beyond mediocre, and the mechanism does not ready players for the heroic tier.

Speaking of which our 7* traya players still want top 3 for G12 gear ... stinks that guilds are still competing within more than against others for the most significant payouts.

Mods and speed is going to be tough to solve as so much has been spent it is far too late to nerf it yet it's virtually the most important thing in the game. While I can compete well enough I am disappointed that some of my arena shard mates have 20+ speed secondaries to spare even beyond their arena team I like many others have not rolled a single one on either account. Any update on our mod management upgrade being available?

I understand why you don't want people to change arena PO times ... or find another system ... but I hate feeling forced to play at specific times of the day instead of when I can and want to.

TW would feel more satisfying if there was a log of battles and a way to test before setting defenses or even how a battle would flow. Or have some idea what the cool-downs look like on defensive squads that win. Or who has what teams available on our side to help direct them. Of course the payout difference isn't huge given the cost but that's pretty similar to so much of this game.


  • I would love to be able to roll back toons. Personally now that we know that CG have that ability, everyones night sisters should go back to level 1, gear 1 and allow those materials to be used where people see fit. I mean how many people took acolyte to g12 specifically for the sith raid, now she will sit there as useless as she was before.

    One thing I have not seen anywhere, is why not just block Treya from being used in her own raid. To me there are a number of benefits.
    1. The mechanics don't change.
    2. People who have treya, obviously don't need her to complete the raid.
    3. You don't alienate 95% of the player base

    Honestly for the first time since I started playing 18 months ago it has me wanting to put the game down and not pick it up again.
  • If they did do roll backs the cost would be incredibly high to keep people from abusing it, you wouldn't have to build multiple teams just the one you roll back and reapply to what ever you need. This will either
    A. Destroy the whole point of this game or
    B.cause all hello to breakloose because 90% of the players won't be able to afford it
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