Sudden drop in arena, looking for advice

Looking from some advice please. I've been averaging around 180 in arena for a while but been dropping quite quickly in the last couple of days, down to 463 in 24 hours. Are there any tweaks to my arena squad you could recommend?

CLS lead (IBAT), Raid Han(zeta), R2 (both zetas), Old Ben, Leia all G12. I've got one zeta spare at the moment.



  • Sounds like a shard merge to me. Otherwise you shouldnt drop that hard.
  • VonZant
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    Old Ben Taunt zeta is pretty boss. Also, check your speeds. CLS and Han and R2 should be 220+
  • BulYwif
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    You can try Wedge and Biggs instead of Old Ben and Leia. Big hits, easy to climb but maybe not as good on defense. If you want to keep Old Ben in your line up, zeta his special.
  • Yes, zeta Devoted Protector, and put your best speed secondaries on your Arena Team. Did you know one of your best Transmitters is on a Jawa?

    Also, finish your Phoenix Squadron so you can get Thrawn; when you do, swap out Leia for him.
  • Old Ben needs to be fast and start with mind tricks. Han helps you pull this trick off by stunning the fastest enemy character (Vader, Thrawn, Enfys, BB8, etc.) R2D2 has to be the fastest to smoke screen on OB, Han has to be faster then Leia or have better mod set then Leia comparing speed. Leia cant be faster then R2D2, this can be often forgotten. So she can attack in the first turn then rather wasting it on stealth. This team really needs fast mods. Each character here really benefits from being fast.
  • as other's have pointed out, I think your gap is with your mods. You're lacking on speed, mod sets, and ideal primaries across your toons. I've put some suggestions below. By the way, Great job getting your arena team to G12. It's a strategy I wish I had employed early on.

    CLS - The Health and Diamond mods are fine, I'd recommend switching triangle and circle to a Crit dmg set with crit dmg primary (triangle) and protection primary (circle) even if you have to give up a little bit of speed (though I wouldn't recommend dropping more than 5 speed)
    Han - Your speed set is fine, but you should add a crit chance set to accompany
    R2 - needs a speed set with high speed secondaries. Looks like you've just assembled a group of your highest speed secondary mods here (not a bad idea) so if you're lacking on speed mods with speed secondaries I'd recommend farming mods a couple days a week. Ideally, you want Triangle and Circle to have protection primary, and the cross can be either protection or potency.
    Old-Ben - hopefully a marquee event drops a good health triangle with protection primary and solid secondary speed. You could potentially put a speed mod set on him, but the way you have him seems fine. Might want to zeta Devoted Protector if you plan on using this squad for a long time in arena. Also, try to find a Cross with a potency primary instead of defense.
    Leia - looks great. One day you might want to switch the health set to a crit chance set, but I don't see a reason to do that now. Just see if you can tick her speeds up a little bit more as you get better and better mods.

    Hope this helped.
  • Thanks all for the great advice, particularly @Rebel_yell. I've put the zeta on devoted protector and I've moved some mods about,including the one on the Jawa, but I need to work on getting better ones. Currently working on Phoenix for Thrawn and the Vets for JTR but I'll be using this squad a little while longer.
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