How exactly does rank changing work?

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I had assumed it would be like most games where you go up by some amount when you win and then slowly 'drift down' in rank as others gain rank above you.

But I noticed I go up by swapping the exact rank with the player I beat. Do you only go down in rank if someone happens to choose you to fight and beats you, swapping in the same manner?

If so, this is a somewhat odd system where, I guess, you want to 'scare off' potential opponents by having a team that looks too strong to bother fighting?

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  • I am at Nr.1 but i read that much people are 60? Also i think when you Loog in with Google Play you have other Rankings witrh EA Log in by Apple?

    So pls can you confirm that it gives different Rankings? Can somone else see me on Nr 1? i Am a liitle it confused of the Arena Ranking
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    Its exactly just like you said, we swap rank with whoever we win/lose, so technically speaking even if you never go in pvp for weeks, and people dont attack you for whatever reasons, you will still maintain your current ranks.

    Currently we can only see the other team leaders, not the full team roster. In my PVP ranks all other team is 6*/7* Sid as leader and occasional 5*/6* Bariss. So not really sure how to "scare off" potential opponents ;)
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    Thanks. I am lower level than you are. :)
    Quit 7/14/16. Best of luck to all of you.
  • Barrok
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    If you are in second place, and can't beat the first place person, how do you get arena wins? If you are 2nd do you just battle the 3rd and 4th place teams? If you beat them, do you drop to their rank?
  • That's a good question because also if you'd happen to lose... you maintain your #2 ranking... although I don't see it being much problem... I never got that far, but I'm sure the head hunting is tremendous amongst the top 10. I'm getting closer but I still get back ranked 100 levels a day. I take 2 steps forward and 1 7/8 ths back.
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