Hijacked guild

Long story short I gave leadership to my most trusted officer because I had to take a short leave of absence.

This officer turned around and kicked me from my own guild and refuses to comply with his promise to give leadership back.

Can anything be done despite trying to appeal to his guilt?

I created that guild the second guilds were made a thing and built it into a top tier elite guild through hard work otherwise I would not care at all.

Please refrain from negative feedback or comments, just looking for a solution!



  • I've heard of instances where guild leaders have just stopped playing (not logging in for a substantial amount of time 3-4 weeks+), and in those instances they've been able to swap leadership on CG's end. They're able to go into the client and make the next officer in line leader.

    Based on that I know that they have the ability to possibly do something. However I think you will struggle with being able to prove the situation.. Best thing to do is maybe try contacting them directly?
  • Try to send a DM to a dev and see if they can help you in any way.
    If this guy won’t give you back your position, maybe you can create a new guild and get some actually loyal members and officers to join you.
  • Poxx
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    Members of a top-tier, elite guild would have heartburn w/ their founder/leader being mutinized imo. I would appeal to your most trusted in Line/Discord, let them know. If they want you back, they could find ways...or recruit them to a new 1.

    Since you voluntarily have him lead, I don't believe any EA/CG reps would be willing to assist you.
  • Not much you can do, you could try contact ea help, however , they likely won’t be able to help because he is not inactive.
  • Gavsta
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    Same here, I believe the same as Poxx, I'm an officer in a guild, and many of us have surpassed the leader in GP, knowledge, roster strength...etc. But our current strength is down to our leader initially creating the guild environment that suited us. I'd appeal to the other officers/peeps in yr guild. I would NEVER marginalize our leader... but... we're a semi-casual guild... so yes we all contribute, but there's also an acceptance that life goes on.
    If it all goes wrong, and you can't get in, give me a holla and we'll find a slot for u in our guild. I know it wouldn't be the same, but people don't get shafted like that in our guild.
    Sorry to hear about yr situation.
  • That’s a bummer. I doubt EA will intervene. I would reach out to my former guild mates and see where their loyalties are.
  • Shame when people creep behind your back, hope all turns out well for ya.
  • Kyno
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    No there is no "solution" through CG/EA. You only hope is to reach an agreement with him or contract your entire guild to leave and join you.
  • A coup, in a mobile game, wonders never cease.

    The level of degeneracy in some of these online games....good job I don't play many really.
    Hey, it's still better than MSF
  • Thanks for the help everyone.
    Its sad but the members only care about the awesome rewards and wont do anything to jeoperdise them, everyone in my guild is a whale!
    Although proofwise my guild’s name has my player name in it.... so proof is easy to get
  • Message me ASAP and I’m sure you know why. #2483
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