SWGOH on Nintendo Switch

I can't speak for everyone, but I would love to see SWGOH come to Nintendo Switch. Or some sort of Star Wars game. I love the game and know that it would bring SOOO many more and new players to the game if this were to happen. I know formatting might be a bit of a challenge, but I do have some ideas as to how this could work... Not to mention VERY profitable!!!


  • I would be fine to start another SWGOH account and play that way if it were possible
  • Hammerhed wrote: »
    I am not a switch owner, but have read that switch does not allow "cross over platforms" so you wouldn't be able to link another device to your account. Basically you wouldn't be able to use your account you have now on Switch, nor would you be able to use your switch swgoh on android or IOS.

    Dunno if that’s true. I play fortnite on my Xbox and switch with the same account. Don’t see why swgoh would be different.
  • I'm curious why EA doesn't either create their own emulator for PC's or buy one of those that already exist. Seems like a no brainer to really increase the use of their mobile games and thus increase revenue potential.
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  • Nintendo and EA don't get along, so that's out. Nintendo are control freaks, much like EA themselves. I think they fell out over something to do with the Wii-U and stopped developing for it. Doubt they care about Nintendo's latest toy much either.

    There's possibly underlying reasons why EA don't do emulation on other platforms, possibly something to do with deleting peoples whole accounts.....again. Or whatever SNAFU EA has committed this week. Possibly genocide in some distant country as well, who knows.

    Hey, it's still better than MSF
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