Suggestion for Darth Nihilus

I felt the STR Mechanic of hitting under protection fitted with Nihilus’s ceaseless hunger, and thought it’d be fun to have it extend to regular Nihilus. However, it’s be way too OP, so here’s a suggestion:

Basic: Ceaseless Craving
Deal Special damage to target enemy and dispel all buffs. If any buffs were dispelled, reduce the cooldown of Drain Force by 1. If no buffs were dispelled, this Attack deals double damage and ignores protection.

Special 1: Drain Force
Deal Physical Damage to all enemies with a 50% chance to increase cooldowns by 1, doubled against rebuffed enemies. This Attack ignores protection and deals bonus damage equal to 20% of Nihilus’s Max Health. For each enemy with increased cooldowns, reduce the cooldown of Annihilate by 1.

Special 2: Annihilate
Instantly defeat target enemy. This Attack cannot be evaded and the enemy cannot be revived. Nihilus gains Max Health equal to that of the target enemy.

Unique: Lord of Hunger
Darth Nihilus inflicts a DoT on a random enemy without debuffs at the start of his turn, and inflicts Health Down for 2 turns on the start of each enemy turn on that enemy. If all enemies were debuffed at the start of Darth Nihilus’s turn, he inflicts a DoT on a random enemy.

When allied Traya or Sion are inflicted with a debuff, Nihilus gains 10% TM and +30% Max Health (stacking) for the rest of the encounter.

At the end of Nihilus’s turn, if he did not use a special ability, he loses 50% Health but recovers 10% Protection. This damage cannot defeat Nihilus.


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