Did shop items change?

Just curious, but I haven’t seen RT or Zam in the Guild Store or Zam, Chirrut, or Maul in the fleet store since the big update.

Probably just bad RNG but curious if this was maybe working as intended or a bug? Thanks!


  • I've seen zam in both stores on my main since the update. On my alt I've seen maul in the fleet store. Chirrut I'm not sure of because I have him at 7* so I don't actively look for him. Probably just bad RNG ;)

    For example I haven't seen grievous in the fleet store for about a week!
  • I got maul and zam shards from fleet last night , ive seen rt in the guild store , i havent seen zam in the guild store , and i 7* chirrut already , so i haven't been really paying attention to him tbh
  • Cool. Just bad RNG. Thanks for chiming in!
  • No problem , i know the pain , ive been farming jyn for 9 months now , i seem to miss her when she is the store a lot , but im almost there , then i can finally start on Yolo.
  • Rex ship hasnt been in fleet store since update, used to rotate with clone sgt. And one other....But now it doesnt, clone sgt always in store both rotations
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