Looking for new guild

I am FTP, but I do 600 tickets per day. Currently 1.37m GP. Looking for a guild with HAAT on farm. I like my current group well enough, but I want that GK.

Please PM if you need more specifics on my roster, etc.


  • Haat 2/week
    75m gp
    Ally code?
    Discord is a must
  • DawnOfENIGMA is a sister guild to Galactic ENIGMA. We are helping newer, beginning players to learn the game and to grow with us, while benefitting from the knowledge and experience of our member from the main guild as well(Galactic ENIGMA is a 98mil GP Guild)! We'd be happy to have you join with us :)
    We currently are farming Heroic Rancor and HAAT. We are active in TW and TB both and constantly looking to improve in both areas!
    We do ask that you use Discord, have a swgoh.gg account and prefer daily players who are active in all events. If that sounds like you, come join! You can respond to me here or hop in our Discord at: https://discord.gg/MaxPRZx
    An Officer will be happy to help you, just let them know Collinn sent you and it's for the sister guild! Thanks and hope you'll join our family!

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