Marquees and Jango Fett [MEGA THREAD]

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Hi folks,

We revealed Jango Fett’s kit today and we wanted to put the speculation about his event to rest.

Jango Fett will be introduced as a Marquee event with some additional tiers and rewards. While it is at its core a Marquee, the extra Tiers reward some of the most sought after gear, such as Carbantis, and Mod Slicing salvage if you are level 50+.

As Carrie has discussed previously, we are working to change the upcoming schedule so there aren’t as many Marquees, but this isn’t something that can happen over night. We’ve rearranged our schedule to earlier introduce some characters through other event types so we can break up the Marquee cadence.

In the meantime, stay tuned for our next character reveal. It’s not a Marquee…



  • Lol of course he is.... hopefully it’s at least a fully crafted carbanti and some gold salvage... also I wonder who the “it’s not a marquee” toon is.
  • Carbantis and slice salvage....translated to mean 3 carbantis and 1 slice salvage piece to be used on a grey mod. You sure do know what your customers want.
  • Dear lord...
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    Do you really think that whales out there will miss out on character like this just so us F2P players would get some kind of justice? :D
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  • I'm not complaining. At least they realize marquee events have run their course and are looking into other options.
  • yuck...thanks for nothing
  • Tf was the point in all that teaser stuff if they were just going to dump another marquee on us?

    They're bringing it back in general so all future releases will be teased in such a manner
  • Be a TB or TW reward toon... if TW ensure all the whale guilds get first... all the weak guilds second and all the middle guilds get last since your always fighting whale guilds and not proper matchups...

    TB would be just whoever Is in a good guild... prob ruin guilds even more...

    Legendary with ship node farms... everyone would be able to farm by 2030

    Marquee whales get and destroy everyone for 10 months ( or 2 weeks when next OP toon released)

    Ship raid.... would like

    Being serious i could care less how its released as long as not attached to TW the matchmaking is sooo horrendous and pathetic all it would do is cause more whining and crying and disgust and hatred... devs would probably love that tho....

    The right answer is “ we shall see Xur... We shall see”
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