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Just wanna give a huge shoutout to the devs for the fantastic Jango Fett Event. Not only did it include three bonus Missions with great mechanics showcasing the character, with a nice backstory for each bonus mission (Hunting criminal, eliminating Jedi and getting rid of witches (Nightsisters)), the rewards for the whole "Marquee" is AWESOME. (stated below)

3 Zetas mats
3 Omega Mats
Tons of Mod slicing materials
1 FULL MK 3 Carbanti
1 FULL MK 3 Stun Cuff
1 FULL MK 2 Zaltin Bacta Gel
1 FULL MK 3 Sienar Holo Projector

The usual 3* shards

Albeit the last few months of non-stop marquees, I can see a genuine change of heart and active response to the playerbase through these changes to the reward structure (although it might be a onetime thing, still.), given that it's really hard for them to change the event schedule and timetable immediately. As such, I just want to give a round of applause for the team for listening and most importantly, changing.

P.S. I myself will purchase a $10 Jango pack just to show my support! :wink:
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