Chewie Legendary Event Difficulty [MERGE]


  • Lol all the kids who couldn't unlock chewie whining 😂😂😂😂

    I unlocked him at 5* actually, just like I planned. I knew my BH weren’t going to be strong enough to 7*. But the degree of RNG and overturning they have put into tier 5 and above needs to be fixed. I can’t believe that this whole point is flying over so many heads
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    made 5* without mods, 6* with halfway decent mods (between 8 and 14 speed secondaries) and 7* after like 2h of failing ^^ team was:

    zBossk (L) G12, Boba G12, Dengar G11, IG88 G12 and Cad G8 - none of the G12ers had any extra pieces, only Zeta was on Bossks Lead and IG/Cad only had Omegas on their payouts
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    It was very difficult. I didn’t expect it to be that hard I have to admit. And I had a hard time gearing and modding my toons until finally I was lucky.

    Whether Chewie can justify this difficulty level will be the task for the next week. If you look at arena he adds to diversity but is no match to Traya meta. Probably he is very useful in HSTR although I don’t think his kit works the same as in other game areas. Especially the 20% max health damage bonus. We will see.

    To be honest I did not like the event very much. But I know that all comes down to my own frustration and blaming myself for having ignored Dengar. After one day I have to say that this legendary was great but I was not prepared. I am just glad I managed to pass it can now focus on other toons.
  • Gear 11 og bh with arena mods. Still don't stand a chance. Tried 20 times so far...
  • What made me need so many attempts was that in 90% of the battles Han stunned Bossk and the beginning and therfore screwed up the full run.
  • nad0k80jckso.jpg

    It sure is hard but it can be passed. Used a lot of mod loadout and managed to 7* chewie with g11 zBossk, g11 Boba, g11 ig-88, g9 Greedo and g8 Dengar.
  • The devs might want to take look at the requirements again 😂
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    6* freshly unlocked just now with Dengar and front row BHs after 5 attempts?
  • I managed to pass it with.. Boba(L) delgar bane G12 and ig88 and Greedo G9...

    Used DPS set on Boba and potency on the others.... I needed to take dengar to G12 so I could use my 6dot mods on him....

  • Lol all the kids who couldn't unlock chewie whining 😂😂😂😂

    Laugh it up, fuzzball.
  • Ahnold played for a long time and got crazy RNG. Forget his strategy. I unlocked him with g9 Bossk zeta lead, g12 Boba, and g11 IG88, Dengar, and Greedo. Took 4 tries I think and RNG was helpful. I put arena mods on them and it wasn't impossible.

    You had perfect ring or something else, my Bossk XII, 3 equipments XII and all Zetas die like a fly, even with 3 Body Hunters XII and 2 XI, Boba and Bossk with 3 equipments XII and all Zetas and using some mods 6 they all die like flyes, even if run speed over 270 Han solo Will atack first and stun someone, Plus kill that or another at start, Plus need a lot of of hits to kill anybody, even with damage over 3000 and 216% CD, need luck to survive The start since The fighted end with 2 turns most of time. Han solo easy kill any XII Bodyhunter, even Bossk with high defense, health and protection, Boosk die for The other Heroes hits, Plus very few times He do one action before die
  • So I was able to get 5* with the following * no Zeta used And omegas used*

    BoBa - g10
    Ig88 - g10
    Dengar - g8
    Greedo - g8
    Cad bane - g8

    Mods you want to focus BoBa as lead and crit Chance and crit damage. Everyone else, focus on potency. BoBa leader grabs all potency, cuts it in half and adds it as percent health up.

    So potency first, then crit Chance and then crit damage.. DENGAR IS A MUST... he has to also be crit hit so he goes stealth and his unique kicks in which stops R2D2 from stelthing the whole team. Then focus on killing Chewy > Han > Leah > landó > R2. Hope that helps!!!
  • Well if enough people complain about the difficulty of the event maybe they'll reduce the difficulty by the second run. If people threaten to quit the game due to an impossible difficulty on an event maybe the dev's might consider reducing the difficulty like they did with the sith guild event. Just keep **** and I mean this in a good way. It apparently works to some degree
  • With all the commotion of the insane difficulty of the chewie event I say we the players should continue to voice our opinion and threaten to leave the game. I mean there has got to be something wrong with the event if so many players with well developed bounty hunter teams can't even scratch tier 5 of the event let alone do anything on tier 6. Speed dont do jack and potency doesn't do much either. If this is what is to be expected for later legendaries I can only foresee more players leaving due to the issues of the event and others like it. If anything we should say something now before the revan event arrives or we can expect a similar problem especially for such a highly anticipated character
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    Agreed. There are also bugs in the event.
    For example, my dengar under stealth and yet chewie can shoot him while he is stealthed...
    Another is boba fetts execute ability states that non killing shots inflict healing immunity for 2 turns...yet everytime that debuff pops up on chewie, after he takes 1 bonus shot from guard, it gets CG dropped the ball once again
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    @CG_SBCrumb I would actually like to hear a response from CG on this topic. Was the difficulty of the Chewie legendary what we should be expecting for ALL legendary events moving forward? Or was this just a one off....

    From what I've seen the Chewie event is relatively easy with well geared bounty hunters as long as you have bossk and dengar. I was able to complete it with boba/greedo/dengar at gear 12 and ig88/cad at gear 11. Only zeta I had was on greedo. I used the strategy show cased in Ahnaldt101s vid on youtube. After moving around a ton of mods I got my overall teams potency up to 450% which under a boba lead gives you a huge health bump.

    Edit: Like everything else in this game, patience is the key.. Don't be bummed out if you don't get Chewie unlocked this time around. Just work on gearing your BH so you can unlock the next time. This game is all about resource management.
  • everyone seems to be pushing speed to insane levels.. mine was only +60 - +75 roughly on all when i beat it. I wonder if all the enemy lead abilities are active. I assumed they were (and zetas), like mythic events.. but would explain why they are faster than you no matter what the speed is.
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    Finally got him to 7 star. (Had it at 6 star with lower gear) 7 star team:
    G12 bossk lead no zetas with speed mods
    G12 Bfett with high crit chance and crit damage and speed secondary mods
    G12 embo with health and protection mods, bit of crit chance secondaries
    G11 dengar with health and protection
    G9 Greedo crit chance mods

    All omegas no zetas.

    Kill chewy, then han, then lando, then leah and finally it was r2 vs bossk. One on one

    Taunt refills health just luck at that point. He was full health and protection i had full health. Widdle it down for the win.

  • I beat tier 5 with Boba(L) g12, cad bane g11, ig88 g11, zam g8, greedo g8. I just accepted the 5* chewie and in the meantime will star and gear Bossk and Dengar to get the t7. What I don't agree with are events with pre-loaded TM that don't require any sort of skill, but rely 100% on RNG. I only beat tier 5 because I tried a dozen times, and one of those times RNG worked in my favor.
  • 100% disagree with this thread. If they lower it now for the less deserving its a giant slap in the face to those that worked hard
  • Unfortunately that's just the nature of this game. Every single event ever released was difficult for its time. Every event had many forum posts complaining about the difficulty or requirements - mythics, legendaries, assault battles, raids, even heists and omega battles. This gives you something to work towards, and without that the game is dull. Some players can get it right away, either because they spent, stockpiled, happened to have the required heroes geared, or were just plain lucky. The game has been this way from the beginning, and if it bothers you so much, perhaps it isn't the game for you.
    I do wish they'd address the bug where a thermal detonator going off and criting debuffs the reb. If they're stunned, this clears the stun and they get an immediate turn instead of waiting until next turn to take an action. This is a bad interaction with r2's Combat Analysis, it seems. That can't be WAI, and it's making the event just that much harder. Otherwise I think it's fine as is.
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  • 100% disagree with this thread. If they lower it now for the less deserving its a giant slap in the face to those that worked hard

    Agreed. I slogged for 4hours for this walking carpet. The event is doable even with the old BH. But let us skip the cutscenes next time please CG? Seriously.
  • Yea, I beat t7 with all g11s. Really wasn't bad once I got the mechanics of the enemy team. Those who understand how the hunters work will be fine beating it. Everyone seems to think speed is king for this event, but durability and utilizing their individual kits is much much more important. I saw so many posts about struggling to beat it with fully g12 teams, but they were modded completely wrong, so no surprise. TBH I like that it's this hard. it rewards those that love the faction and know how to utilize all the intricate combinations between them, rather than ppl just pouring in 100+ speed and hitting auto. (I did auto tiers 1-6 tho lol)
  • It’s about the right strategy. A g12 boba with g8-9 squad at 79k can win T7. There’s no need to lower the difficulty, only up the strategy.

    Note: would be nice to skip the cutscene though ugh.
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