Yet another - ENOUGH FOR REY? - Thread

Hope you aren't completely p'd off by the question already. Yet - do you think I can unlock Rey with this squad?


  • MajesticMoose41
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    I would say their gear levels would suffice but it may be a little harder for you. Would be easier if both your Finn and Rey were G11 and Vet Chewie around G9.

    You need more speed on chewie (shoot for 160+ on chewie) and your Rey needs more dmg output. You want to try and shoot for ~3000 base physical dmg. Your Finn, Han and BB8 all look "ok"
  • You’re fine. I beat it with g8 vets, like a g9 Rey/Finn and don’t remember it being particularly hard.
  • Wrotton
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    Get BB8 As high of a gear level as possible. Also scavenger Rey would be a good candidate for a higher gear level

    Put arena mods on the team
  • MuCuS
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    I also stopped at G8 across the board. I can take Rey and Finn to G9 if I need to put I don’t want to do that if I can help it .
  • You certainly CAN do it. It might take a few shots though. Nice thing is it lasts a week so if you fail on day 1 you have 6 more to gear up. I would focus gearing finn and rey mostly since they have the most use later.
  • Is it possible with g7 veterans?
    Others better geared...
  • I would have the vets at Gear 8 AT LEAST. Gear 7 for any of these events is probably close to impossible.....unless your speed is at 250 but I would think that's unlikely at G7.
  • Dont want to invest on vets. Bb8 at g12 and finn and scav at g11... hopefully those can carry the fight. I will find soon 😅
  • Speeds 254 bb8
    197 Finn
    222 Rey
    Vets unmodded right now
  • Jtr is supposed to start in 2 days but we cant even see it in the events
  • I am also waiting on the JTR hero event...
    When I go to the website there is no event listed for JTR...
    Hope they are not stopping the event...
  • Is it normal for Rey to not be in the event tab yet?
  • the event will show up in game about a day before. this is NORMAL.
  • the event will show up in game about a day before. this is NORMAL.

    Okay only reason I asked is CLS was up there for like 3 to 4 days before it went up
  • Thanks for your help guys!
  • Should be good. More speed always helps.
  • Thanks for your help guys!
  • Just got her, g9 finn/Rey, g8 chewy/bb8, g7 Han. Put about 190 speed on chewy, 180 on finn, 220 on Rey. No omegas on Rey, Finns basic and chewy unique (50% health steal) omega'd. Took 3 tries tier V. Bb8 is needed other areas of the game but useless here, Han is expendable, but chewy was a big player here. My scavy Rey only had like 2400 dmg, so Idk where the 3000 is coming from...
  • Yup vet Han I only had at level 50 with gear 5 but vet chewy was gear 8 and borrowed a speed arrow mod
  • Finally got my JTR today.
  • Same. Just got her. Didnt even have to put mods on my g7 vets. Strong finn and rey carry you through.
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