[Mega] An Ancient Journey of Redemption


  • Read and you know who is
    Been thinking about this... we won't get Revan too soon. (Read into too soon what you will.)

    We absolutely (I believe this 100% but it's just an opinion) will have a Marquee first for Carth Onassi and probably a Marquee for his ship, Endar Spire.

    I wouldn't be surprised at that point for T3 to get the crew member affiliation tag as u need T3 for the ship.

    I can't imagine any Revan Journey not having Carth as part of the party. Other than Bastilla, he is the second most integral member (maybe third if you count T3, or 4'th if you think HK47 is needed too).

    To me, those characters hold the most sway, and then you get to Mission and Zalabar.

    My other thought is that while you need all, it will be for different parts of the event/journey.

    Granted this is speculation, but it would coincide with what CG_Carrie said about while they aren't currently working on Marquees anymore, that doesn't mean we won't still get some that were already in the works.

    IE: Carth will be the one behind the paywall, so while everyone is freaking out right now, get ready for an outright riot when Carth is only farmable for maybe a 2-3 week span before Revan rolls out.

    Read and you know that's wrong. It tells you who is needed
  • Nah, why would they do that? That would be a good offer to us
  • Saraleb
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    Better like that. EA are losing a ton of money on this one by dangling the carrot too far in front of the horse

    Thee best way to describe this release... its either all out or nothing. Considering how 'close' many are CG will lose out on those small top ups that people need cause most will require too big a top up
  • So, @CG_SBCrumb ... when do we get to see his kit?
  • Wow, not even leaving a ray of hope.
    2nd-3rd time for me.
    And I hate CG once again.
  • No more $ from me, done spending on this game
  • The post has been updated, that’s why people didn’t know the start date

    That makes sense.
  • Been farming these guys as much as i could since they were released. 3 refreshes of Cantina and all 8 attempts on hard nodes. I am so far from getting them all 7* there is no way I would buy packs to finish them off.
  • @CG_SBCrumb Are we getting the Road Ahead (real one, with words, not a Christmas Tree shaped puzzle) and a Revan kit reveal today?
  • SonofRambo
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    I had 15k crystals saved up and have been panic farming the KOTOR since the game out. If you include additional crystals I’ve got in that time it’s more like 20k and I still won’t be able to get them all to 7*. This is lame
  • nottenst wrote: »
    The event will probably come back in three months. Introducing it now lets people know what it is and they can try a phase or 2. Only a true mongo-whale will be able to get through it this time. This is good. But we all now have a road ahead if we want to get Revan the next time or the time after that. Hardly anyone will be way ahead of anyone else here at this moment.

    I think it was 6 months in between heros journey before. SO expect February return
  • Another such beautiful gift for the P2W ! The old republic is farmable for a SHORT TIME and we still find ourselves the FREE-TO-PLAY in the CRAPPPPP !!! It disgusts so many players ur actions and u don't even realize it as long as ur bank account fills UPPP !
  • Nauros
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    nottenst wrote: »
    The event will probably come back in three months. Introducing it now lets people know what it is and they can try a phase or 2. Only a true mongo-whale will be able to get through it this time. This is good. But we all now have a road ahead if we want to get Revan the next time or the time after that. Hardly anyone will be way ahead of anyone else here at this moment.

    I think it was 6 months in between heros journey before. SO expect February return

    Expect anything. The return will probably be timed so that people who targeted some logical date (like the 6 months) will be just short of unlocking him, to milk some additional cash. Better get them ready asap.
  • Not going to lie, I'm surprised. I expected a release closer to early November.

    Releasing it this early puts it out of reach of the "dolphins" who occasionally spend... I assumed they would wait until more players would be within range where the packs would make it feasible, rather than the packs + several vaults.
  • Omg do you people read starts Oct 18th
  • I just read on AhnaldT101's server that the release date for this event is the 18th of October. That's 7 days from now (for me at least), how was anyone ever meant to farm the characters in that time unless they were already farming them?
    Did you @CG learn absolutely nothing from the community with the backlash of CLS/JTR events and the notice you had given us for them? Was there not a post from a dev to say that we would get a minimum of TWO weeks notice for events such as this in the future? (Not that an extra week would make a difference for the very large majority)
    Selling the packs separately makes it extremely clear that you do not care about "the little guys" and with this event you only ever wanted to cater to the whales. I was happy to buy a faction pack like the ones with SOLO but 3 separate packs for 5 characters is a joke and so is the time we've been given to prepare for this event that you know we are very excited for.
  • Really? 8 days to farm what's needed.. Thanx

    I skipped all bounty hunters because I knew these toons would be needed for revan, Malak... Something. I've been refreshing the nodes grabbing a few shipments here and there and there is still no way
  • This is just wrong
    They were made farmable, 3 of them with hard nodes not even a month ago. This is just a completely ridiculous timeframe to release such an anticipated character with such requirements. I expected more notice, especially because of the harder farms. Not shorter!

    13 days to be exact. They were released to farmable nodes on September 26 in the evening at the end of the day. We got the news today about it so still a days gap.
  • I may have started farming and bought a few packs / crystals to help me along but at such short notice there’s no point wasting that money as I won’t get those 5 characters

    Not sure if a few whales will spend more in total than all the small fry willing to spend a few £ here and there

  • It just shows that the developers are completely and utterly tone-deaf to the vast majority of their player base. It comes as no surprise to me, and shouldn't really to almost anyone working in a capitalism-based society. Can't have every manager/owner/chair be like Richard Branson and actually give a hoot about the little guys.

    I just keep doing my thing, farming what I want when I want. Will not chase the meta for this exact reason.
  • Makes little difference to me, i wont be ready, i knew i wouldnt be and if the hard nodes go back to 5 then i might get it at round 3 not round 2, im still ok with this as anyone that couldnt see a panic farming scenario unfolding must have been blind (though we were never certain that OR would be needed until todayj.

    However i have enjoyed the speculation, the puzzles, additional information, dev interaction Etc. now im even enjoying the whales showing off thier shiny pixels, im especially enjoying this to be honest as it gives me something to smile at, i will keep my shiny pixels in the garage to be polished and played with at the weekend, oh wait there not pixels...

    Enjoy your fun however you get it, and try to relax all ;)
  • lordteri wrote: »
    November 15 player here, I don't like to comment their moves coz they are quite predictable and there is nothing you can do about it. I can only say that this will be first char I wont be able to get ,which might mean something or not :)....i saw how they push and push the limit throughout the years , maybe this will be that point when majority of dolphins will quit on them (for sure ill will not spend a cent on this **** panic farming), ofc ill not quit game...its really sad they cant employ someone after 3 years who can actually do some common sense business decisions...ah

    Oh there’s plenty that the players as a whole can do to make CG hear loud and clear what they did to screw up....again. But I can’t say due to forum rules. I’ll let everyone figure it out for themselves
  • Wow, they really put a lot of work into an amazing character that NO ONE is going to want to get. Way to ruin it.

    You're gonna lose so much more money than you're going to make for this.
  • Ultra
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    This feels like an incredible misdirection and deception on CGs part.

    If memory serves, the Solo toons were released and node-assigned first. Following history it was logical to expect that they'd be utilized first, especially given cryptic hints not so long ago.

    To completely deviate from this (yeah yeah, assumption I know what that makes me) right as folks are wrapping up their Solo shard counts and swerve right into this when most folks are not going to be close to finished is completely underhanded.

    And it's not even trying to hide from the moneygrab that we all know it is.

    I'll be missing the 7* for the first time, for one of these types events. As a launch player, that disappoints me that it took this long...but as a logical player, I saw it coming a mile away and just reinforces my decision to stop giving them money.

    They clearly don't value the player who was giving it to them.

    There's a fun thread going on Reddit that says what I really want to say far more succinctly.
    Sorry but no

    Solo toons were released when the movie was released and were meant to promote the movie. They didn’t decide to release the movie in April. They did the bare minimum of releasing only the key main characters. Other than choosing Nest over Beckett (spoilers of his alignment?) or rangetrooper over Dreyden.

    EDIT: toons go to nodes depending on the release candence

    It’s nothing new and they have to drop everything to release movie promotion toons when a new movie drops

    They immediately followed by an Old Republic faction that was lacking (no leader) and obvious hint that they’ll be needed. If you think the solo toons were misdirection then you only played yourself
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