Guardians Of The Northern Lights (287M GP) is looking for active players!

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Guardians Of The Northern Lights is a home for almost 50 awesome members and we would like to find few more to play with.

We are a group of adult people who take the game seriously, but not too seriously. We make strategies but try to avoid micromanaging.

We have all heroic raids on farm and raid almost every day. Raid time is 19.30 gmt and hpit is simmed. From geonosis territory battle we have got 30/18 (ds/ls) stars, with 9 kam shards and over 35 wat shards, and our TW win rate is around 2/3.

We would like you to have at least 5,5m gp (roster dependent) and for you to do 600 every day. You will also need to use discord for communication. Being a team player goes without saying. This also means taking part in all guild activities. An active player fills easily all these requirements.

If you want to join the fun contact me here or use discord (my discord id: draspu#7002)
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