Game not working.... [MERGE]


  • JaggedJ
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    Was fine for me an hour ago. Now in an endless loop of "your session has expired"
  • Yep me too. Unable to log in.

    Lost out at payout too
  • It's been up and down at least 4 times today.
  • Maybe they're finally releasing General Grievous' rework, and it's so awesome the game can't handle it right now
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  • Wow... This is crazy
  • AndySCovell
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    I got screwed on my refreshes. Likely lose out Arena rewards since I can’t climb, and can’t help with TB.

    I better be getting like 1000 crystals to fix this mess.
  • It is in everyone's best interest to not do anything with TB until we have an official fix.... Whatever is wrong, it is clearly a serious thing.
  • Same here, this is terrible...It made me restart while attempting TB and I did not get credit for the waves I had beaten.
  • Started crashing again... this is ridiculous.
  • CorpseMaker77
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    Great got booted twice during arena battle.

  • I really hope I am not losing it!

  • Areas of the game that were affected:

    Arenas (I was completely unable to climb and got like 2-300 crystals instead of my usual 875)
    TB (several guildmates got thrown out in the middle of missions, including just now when it dropped AGAIN)
    Raids - this is less of an issue because you can always repeat the run, but it messed with our HSTR and a couple of people lost good runs.

    The most important thing is that they manage to get it up and running again and I hope CG employees aren't pulling their hair out too much over this - @!%& happens. However, once things are fixed I think compensation is warranted. Obviously it would be way too difficult for CG to calculate exactly what everyone lost out on, but it's pretty clear that TB and arenas will have been majorly impacted. To me it seems fair for a token amount of crystals (300?) plus some guild event currency and ROLO shards.
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  • Arena and fleet payout ruined by this and the game is still acting like Kylo Ren's emotional stability.
    What the hell is going on? From time to time there are some issues, but connection issues like this have not happened before and really shouldn't be happening.
    Either your servers are fried or under attack. Which is it?
  • Not working again. Good grief. Better be getting some rewards for this mess.
  • This thread has more views in 4 hours than most of their other posts about updates, etc.
    Doesn't that tell you something CG?
    We'd rather a stable game than one loaded to the teeth with "new" (expensive) content.
  • yup was in middle of tb and it crashed at victory.
  • Broken for me right now
  • Fiiiixxxx tthhheee ggaaammmeee
  • Ztyle
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    this is closing into 4 hours now, I'm in Denmark, so that has spanned over arena and ship Pay outs, and the bonus energy that's collectable with arena PO, now the late evening energy bonus is also in danger for those like me in Europe, who can't enter the game
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  • Kicked out 10 times after logged in, fix the problem. Database or network or whatever it is
  • FYI - Your app is crashing and you should feel bad. Boo.
  • Could you first fix this before launching the game again? Lost points in the tb because of a disconnect in the Fight.....
  • Jonathan_1984
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    I can't sign in and when I can it kicks me back out! Iv missed out on my arena payout a raid and I lost a lot of gp in TB doing a battle. What is going on? We better be rewarded for this cause this is totally unacceptable. Rebel scum.
  • Crashed again after working for an hour
  • My game crashed and revan reverted to not activated and I lost all the shards for him as well as the zeta mats, gear and mods with 25+ speed on all the secondaries.

    Please send these missong items to my account by the same name. Much love
  • 3pourr2
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    Did you try the thread “game not working”
  • My guild is currently at 2hrs left on HSR, our first time ever without Mercs.
    Traya is sitting there waiting for us to beat her and the majority of us cannot log-in to take her down, not to mention the small few of my guildies that attempted CMs in TB and got kicked due to connection issues.
    Please CG, I'm expecting something more than 10 chewy shards if we can't beat Traya because of an issue on your end.
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