Mobile version of the Forum all messed up?

I used to read the forum on mobile just fine (Android - Chrome, with a whiteish background), but now it looks awful. It looks like a badly shrunk version of the desktop site (blue background, the first column is shrunk in a 2-characters wide column that is absolutely unreadable).

Any idea if there's a setting somewhere on the site, on Chrome, or wherever that can fix that?

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    Scroll down to the bottom left of the page, just above the grey banner, and you should have that link there.
  • Kyno
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    scroll all the way to the bottom. just above the bar with all the affiliated companies you will see a "back to mobile site" button. press it.
  • It's weird, I don't see that "Back to Mobile Site" link there. There's nothing.
    Is it showing only when I'm logged in / not logged in?
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