Suggestion: Scrolling opponent options rather than "refresh"

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I'm not sure why the mechanism is this way, but in order to see your various battle options you have to hit refresh at least a dozen times since it's random and will often just pull the same enemies repeatedly. And it's hard to remember just how far you can battle above your rank, particularly as this changes while you're moving up, so I find myself hitting refresh a lot more than necessary just to see how far I can get.

Can we maybe just have an elongated battle screen with scroll bars to avoid this? Some way where we can see all the options simultaneously?
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  • Wibble
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    I'll second this. I came to this forum specifically to request this. I've noticed that particularly in the upper echelons, you very frequently don't get to see the very top option for ages, to the extent that you might not realise it's an option.

    For example, at rank 30, I've literally refreshed about 50 times, seeing 24th, 25th, 26th and maybe 27th in your right hand panel over and over again, before I got to see 23rd, which is just ludicrous.

    I understand that it's a bit different in the lower levels, where people might have a hundred potential opponents, but at least at the top level, it shouldn't be so random (or if random, it shouldn't exclude the top choice so consistently).

    It's worth noting as a bug that, if you repeatedly press refresh too quickly, then the app frequently crashes.
  • Eebers
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    Please do this. Refresh is honestly such a dumb mechanic. Not sure why this wasn't thought of initially. Sometimes I have to refresh so much, so quickly, it crashes the app.
  • They could also put the highest rank you can challenge on the right panel and then allow the other two to be refreshed.

    But I like the scroll option better.
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