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Yes, I know they're not "meta."

If you were to run First Order in arena, though, what team would you go with? I figure KRU and Executioner are non-negotiable, but the rest kinda seem like they could all work at least reasonably well.

Impart unto me your wisdoms!


  • KRU, FOE, FOO, Kylo, FOST.
  • I'll second that. Best way to manipulate TM and keep FOO alive, hands down.
  • Depends on what game type.

    Arena you can do Kru, foe, foo, fost, and either Kylo or someone like Thrawn.
    Tw same thing.
    Tb early stages I use Kru, Foe, foo, fosftp, and Kylo.
    Tb later stages I use Kru, foe, foo, fost, Kylo.
    Rancor I use Kru, foe, foo, Kylo, fosftp
    HAAT I use Kru, foe, foo, Kylo, fosftp
    HSTR I use Kru, foe, foo, Kylo, fost

    Did I miss anything?
  • Kru foe fost foo +1
  • Zeta priority:
    KRU (second zeta for taunt is not required)
  • KRU, KR, Executioner, FOO, FOTP
  • @Goku_Black if you're using them in arena surrounded by Palp teams then KRUs taunt Zeta is required. He'll devour a 4-debuff culling blade and come out smiling, with your FOO still alive. Provided the Vader managed to be faster than your Officer. ;)
  • @Vendi1983 Yes I totally agree that for arena it is required to go against a Palp team. Tho, for Raids, 80% of GW and NS, it is not a requirement
  • Risz
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    I've been running FO in arena for a year and a half now and break top 50 in an old shard filled with revans and trayas

    You want ZZKRU, Executioner, FOO, ZFOST or Kylo Ren (Depends if you need more tankiness or more TM gain, beside, Kylo is good to pop Jedis foresight) and Thrawn.

    Thrawn is mandatory to suppress Yoda/Sion/JTR, but if you want full FO you'll go for both Kylo and FOST.

    Pump up your FOO speed, Marching order into FOST, FOST taunt giving tm to the whole team and from there you can stun (KRU), Fracture and get your team going.

    Note that against palp lead team at equal mods you'll loose most of the time, target jedis, nightsisters, JTR and rebels without chewie.
  • No. Although in P3 of STR (non heroic) it's nice having him countering 100% and eating damage on the opening moves.

    The spreading of tenacity down is awesome.
  • Jarvind
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    KRU, FOE, FOO, Kylo, FOST.

    Thoughts on replacing Kylo with SF TIE Pilot? I feel like the directed assist and Speed Up for everyone might actually be better, especially with KRU and Stormtrooper both taunting and keeping everyone out of harm's way. Personally when I fight FO teams I tend to just CC Kylo and leave him for last to avoid his offense stacking, so I imagine others probably do the same.
    KRU, KR, Executioner, FOO, FOTP

    I'm running this now, except replace Executioner with Stormtrooper. I find FOTP to be "eh." Even with his zeta, if there's no taunt up for any length of time he seems to fold like wet cardboard. He does well in raids, so I'm not sorry I geared him up or anything, but he doesn't seem to do that great in PVP.

    I'm also aware this might just be a mod issue - I didn't play from the time mods were released until a few months ago, so I tend to struggle just because everyone is running 280+ speed and my absolute fastest guys are at 240ish.

  • Jarvind wrote: »
    KRU, FOE, FOO, Kylo, FOST.

    Thoughts on replacing Kylo with SF TIE Pilot? I feel like the directed assist and Speed Up for everyone might actually be better, especially with KRU and Stormtrooper both taunting and keeping everyone out of harm's way. Personally when I fight FO teams I tend to just CC Kylo and leave him for last to avoid his offense stacking, so I imagine others probably do the same.

    SFTP is better the Kylo vs most teams (besides vs Resistance expoes or NS plague, hes super tanky vs them, especially with zeta). however, the upgrading is pretty small. they both have the job of dealing some damage and doing supporting (Tm gain mostly). SFTP is bit better, but if you have already g11+ kylo, i wouldnt invest.
    generally, the zKRU, zFost, FoX, Kylo, FOO team can kill any team besides Revan. i personally killed Traya, CLS, JTR and Bast teams with my FO - which aren't arena modded. its not meta, its offensive team with poor defense capabilities against meta teams (but good ones in tw :) )

    and @CoastalJames that team is wrong, simply. Fost even when non zetad >>> Fotp even when zetad. i want to say that the balance for FO is 2 tanks 2 supp 1 attacker, but truth is that its just KRU,Fost,FoX,Kylo/SFTP,FOO are the best toons in the faction, and removing one will significantly hurt the team.
  • One more vote for KRU/FOO/FOX core with Kylo/FOSFTP as 4th and FOST as 5th being the best pure FO team. Zeta order as above, KRU lead -> FOST Unique -> KRU unique and I’ll add to the above that KRU unique is super useful against JTR teams too since it changes her opening move.

    My vote is strongly for Kylo over FOSFTP personally. I like the TM gain from lashout every turn and his stacking speed means he can reach a stupidly insane turn frequency during a matchup vs a debuff heavy team. I only use him in the team for TM gain purpose although his AOE can do respectable damage with good offense secondaries and a CD triangle. Others have had success with FOSFTP though so I'm not discounting that.

    There’s occasional (slightly heretical) talk about KRU/FOX/KYLO/FOST/FOSFTP being best on defence given how abysmally the AI handles FOO (often cleansing Kylo’s DOTs or opening with pinning shot etc. etc.). This might be true but FO is still pretty bad on defence either way so probably best to focus on conventional wisdom and keep FOO in there if you are only interested in developing 5 characters for the team.

    The thing about FO is beyond the core of the team there’s a lot of flexibility in what is “best” depending on your opponent. Prime example is having Phasma as the 5th (KRU/FOO/FOX/Kylo/Phasma) which is by a long way the most reliable team against Traya lead triumvirate but is not viable against many other teams (or on defence). Again, switching FOO out for FOSFTP (KRU/FOX/KYLO/FOST/FOSFTP), so you have 2 AOE attacks and are a bit tankier, is the more reliable against good NS teams, but FO normally handles NS without any problems regardless.

    Extending your original question to hybrid teams, switching out the 5th spot for Thrawn is awesome on offense (KRU,FOO,FOX,Kylo,Thrawn) and even allows you to beat Revan when your FOO has the mod advantage (requires FOO going first, i.e. 13 more speed from mods on your FOO verses what your opponent adds with mods to their Revan in a lineup with both Basti and Jolie). Thrawn also helps vs Palp lead teams but for those teams my favourite to use is Nest for her AOE daze. I also found Nest was the best all round addition in the 5th spot for leaving on defence.

    Modding on an FO team is pretty crucial but there are some simple points. The most important thing is getting FOO fast. Then focus on CD primarily and Health secondarily on FOX (but before 6 dot mods you may need a protection primary on the circle for survivability). Next focus should be speed on Kylo (in my opinion) followed by a good balance of defence and health sets with protection primaries (at 5 dot) on KRU. When shifting to 6 dot mods I’d suggest to focus first on health primaries for FOX followed by one or two health primaries for KRU.

    Since 13 more speed from mods than Revan is not realistic at the top of a shard, Revan has finally made me switch away from FO which has made me very sad as they are an amazingly fun team to play! So if you are going with them (knowing as I did they don’t hold well on defence but can beat any equally modded/geared team up until Revan) then good luck and have fun!

  • Yes, yes, to EduardoCadav you listen.
  • I don't run a full FO team on Arena but I've been using KRU for a while now and I consider him to be one of my best toons. Even without his leader ability active, he is still very resistant. I've put tenacity on him (121%) and I heal him with Thrawn (he also heals himself with his special) so he is a very hard nut to crack and don't get debuffed much. I was considering replacing him by Sion under my EP lead but he still is better and stays alive much longer.
  • CombatCommander7
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    I run them in arena on an August 2016 shard.
    Most of the time I stay in the Top 100 and reach payout at Top 50 if I strive for it.

    (Edit: Between my payout and registration of my rank is a one hour gap. So my rank is shown to be above 50 for most days.)

    Over the weekend when the Squad Arena Fight guild activity is active or I don't have time to make my 5 attempts I fall to 100-150ish ranks.
    But climbing again isn't hard.
    I don't bother with arena too much and I just like to have fun playing the fights, so I don't care they are not meta.
    But they are nonetheless a good offensive, not so much defensive, team.
    Here's my profile if you're interested:
  • @CombatCommander7 nice squad! Very similar to my own! I'm just missing a few key pieces for G12 on FOST and FOO. I agree completely with you. They're more fun than constant mirror matches and can take on just about any squad on offence. They're phenomenal against Bastila/Jedi teams and can wreck a Palpatine team if Vader's speed isn't astronomical.
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