Will this shop/icon ever be unlocked? & toon question

Hey guys, ok since day 1 I’ve seen this and yet it still isn’t unlocked almost a year later, does anyone have any information on this? The one utyh37abeilzh.png the icon under the guild icon....

Also save me posting another topic JKL any more information on him yet? Haven’t seen anything so far....


  • Kyno
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    It's a place holder, sure it may be unlocked at some point but they could also change the layout of the cantina floor....only time will tell.
  • If you magnify the base and clear up the image you will notice some aurabesh - when translated it says ship hardware abilities store.

    ...or what Kyno said...
  • USAFmedic129
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    It’s talked about heavily by the devs in the road ahead. There’s videos, mazes, little coloring areas....

    Pretty sure August...

    This is satire.
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  • Ahh right so at lest the devs are thinking of doing something with it, that’s a positive I guess :) cheers for the responds fellas :D
  • Jar Jar jumps out of the box when you finish all the quests.
  • If only that was believable Zeus, haha, jar jar was a wasted character in the films, lol.
  • Mykie wrote: »
    If only that was believable Zeus, haha, jar jar was a wasted character in the films, lol.

    Make him meta. Revan marks him and his unique "whosa?...me" kicks in and he trips causing instant kill on attackers.

    Savior would make one toon survive that so jar jars leadership "Bombbad general" would handle that. It would cause the next attack from the enemy to do 5x crit damage to self.
  • They should make that the new weekly shipments location. :)
  • If I remember correctly the Samsung special bonus stuff chest could be gotten from that spot, probably still is if you begin with the game on a Samsung device today.
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