Why does QGJ love Savage ?

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edited March 2016
QGJ has many bugs, all for opponent adventage . There is only one for us in the game.

If you need offence up for you team on demand , welcome opponent's team with Savage.
If you strike Savage, game engine will :
- calculate dmg on Savage
- set offence up on Savage or kill him if occured
- calculate if debuff finished successful (it is between 50-75%)
- if successful your team will have offence up and Savage nothing

You will have offence up on your team after hitting char without any buff !!! :)

If EA will fix order and debuf will be calculated before damage, we will have offence up after killing opponent (50-75%) , but will not have it on Savage without any buff. I prefer fixing the order. ;) It has sense to change it .

I am sure we have more chars with buff up on every hit. If you remember about some additional , please write here about .


  • Hendiju
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    Good to know this... Now we can all abuse it, YAY!!
    ☮ Consular ☮
  • Maestro
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    Good, QGJ needed a buff............
  • I always found Qui Gone off to the Bar quite tough - seems he loves a nice fight - but he doesn't appear to be able to take that much punishment - but then, I'm only level 47 so I imagine I'll encounter a bad boy version if him soon - I do actively avoid him, if I can, in PvP tho
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