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Hi Holotable Heroes,

Grand Arena was recently announced in the Road Ahead and we will be posting a ton more information about it in the future. Similar to the Mods 2.0 Megathread, follow this thread for all posts and details related to the Grand Arena

What is Grand Arena
At the beginning of the Grand Arena Event, you’ll be matched with 7 other players from across the game who have a Galactic Power score very similar to your own. In the first round, you’ll be matched up against a random player from your group to essentially fight a mini-Territory War. You’ll then set up defenses to defend your own territories, as well as attack your opponent's territories in an attempt to overcome their defenses. You’ll earn banners for successfully attacking and defeating an opponent’s territory, as well as defending your own territory. At the end of the battle, whoever has earned the most banners will be the winner.

Each round, you’ll be matched with other players who have the same win/loss record as you, and you’ll never fight the same opponent twice in a Grand Arena event. You’ll earn special rewards after each offensive battle you complete, at the end of each of the 3 rounds, and a final set of rewards at the end of the event based on your standing in the 8-player group.

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