Kit Reveal: Bastila Shan (Fallen)


  • @chionophile: I think you're right, my bad I thought hes was dissing her kit. It's awesome you can pretty much use all of the best attributes of her abilities without the zeta! I don't even get the foresight part anyway it doesnt help at all against Revan
  • CG_SvenGG wrote: »
    You can be light or dark in kotor1 too, but you cant play Bastila, she falls to the dark side no matter your choices. Thats canon.
    However, your choices can make a difference in what happens to her afterwards.
    Either bring her back the light as a savior..
    Or make her your sith apprentice and rule the galaxy together!

    I'm glad that came through! That's exactly the experience I tried to capture with her Sith Apprentice ability. By the way, I'm Sven - I joined CG as a game designer a few months ago, so you'll be seeing more of me in the future.

    Hello! Nice to meet a new dev, I'm definitely going to use her in my arena team.
    The only thing that I have a slight problem with is her face not looking evil enough, what she needs is a more angry expression, but she has regular basitlas face. However her abilities are designed well.
    Get good and get a Revan. Ryanwhales
  • Ultra wrote: »
    jedibaer71 wrote: »
    seems very strong she is...
    She's alright. At this moment, Her Sith Apprentice unique is all she's good for, stars doesn't matter. Once Traya survives the initial assault by Jedi Knight Revan by A.I. its an easy win.

    I like how she works with Jedi Knight Revan in a non-leader slot (stacking offense) or in leader slot (OR tag). Its seems Darth Revan will also include Marked in his kit (Canderous and Bastila are more effective that way) and the reworked HK should inflict Deathmark with a synergy against Deathmarked, Marked, ? toons. Its already turning out to be a powerful team combination.

    Here's my theory on why its these buffs...

    They may add Malak with a deathmark ability and revan with a mark, and basitla will provide the stun.

    Therefore , not to mislead any one but the characters that may be needed to get Sith revan are Malak, hk47 reworked, basitla fallen, carous?, and someone else perhaps Sith trooper.

    However I really think Sith revan is coming out. Everything points to it.
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  • Megamatch
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    Ryanwhales wrote:
    I'm definitely going to use her in my arena team..

    what lineup did you have in mind?
  • Soooo... can I upgrade her star count without buying packs?
  • Megamatch wrote: »
    Ryanwhales wrote:
    I'm definitely going to use her in my arena team..

    what lineup did you have in mind?

    I am already working on Ep and thrawn gonna get them 7 starred next time around, I have nihlus and sion, though not 7 starred, Vader 7 star, nearly gear 12, Kylo ren 5 star. I do not have any time either because I want to get Jedi revan, or at least get them 5 or 6 starred.

    I was thinking of using her, palp, sion, nihlus, and either Thrawn or vader, with Ep lead.
    One thing I wish would just be that they confirm my theory or something so i dont waste time on farming guys I don't need if they change it....

    A surprise is a surprise though.
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  • Ironsuaba wrote: »
    Soooo... can I upgrade her star count without buying packs?

    Not now, no offense meant by my previous post though, just wanna be sure.
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  • I am such a noob,
    By the way I have nothing against basitla it's just that her face is a reskin with yellow eyes.

    I kinda like her synergy picture better, you could go that way around...
    Get good and get a Revan. Ryanwhales
  • This looks fun, especially when it looks like it will work very well with my characters
  • Anyone care to share their ideal mod setup for her?
  • We need to rename fallen bastilla, Badstilla.
  • No we really don’t lol
  • I... I don't know how to feel about this one...
  • MJS
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  • We didn't need a second Bastila yet in the game! And why do the sith characters always have better synergy than the jedi. Light side Bastila is useless against Traya, but Dark side Bastila has so many ways to help the sith get even better.
    Balance to the force, please!

    LS Bastila useless against Traya? I destroy Traya teams every day in arena with my Bastila led Jedi squad. Now Revan? That’s another story. Bastila is useless against Revan. They purposely designed his kit so she could not beat him in the leader spot.

  • Anyone else notice in the even that Wild Lightning (her special attack) doesn't stun hardly ever. I'm not sure it stunned anyone the whole event when I used it. Maybe once.
  • HK666
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    Wild Lightning only shocks

    Fear stuns
  • Try worse than CW Chewie, at least Stormtrooper's has an outside chance of being useful with the expose on miss or noncrit hits.
    "Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen...mostly"
  • This toon is awesome.
    Palp lead, scion, sith trooper, and finally a use for sidious. Non stop exposes, so much fun.
  • MJS
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    Then save yourself some zetas man, I mean I'd rather have one less zeta to worry about than having a zeta that feels like it's mandatory.
  • You didn’t have to give her abilities that clearly synchronize with the Emperor as lead, but then you went ahead and did.

    I get it, he’s a Sith, she’s a Sith, it’s like they were made for each other.


    Maybe if he trained her in her storyline. Maybe if he had anything at all to do with her life and times.

    But he didn’t.

    So why go and make her synchronize with an already overpowered Arena leader who’s ugly face is a pock mark on every players Ranks page, reminding us of the futility of our efforts in Squad Arena?!

    All some of us are trying to do is power up some Bounty Hunters to one day slay the Dark Lord.

    Why would you give him an ally to make him stronger when Arena is already dominated by Emperor Squads more than any other in game?

    Please add much cry.
  • Without that zeta Traya, pardon me leader will go down faster than prom dress.
  • 😭
    Get good and get a Revan. Ryanwhales
  • APX_919 wrote: »
    Try worse than CW Chewie, at least Stormtrooper's has an outside chance of being useful with the expose on miss or noncrit hits.

    Yeah, but zeta powers him up as allies are defeated. If he's doing his job as a taunting tank, he should be the first one defeated every time. If his allies start dropping and he's the only one left, you already lost.
  • Lol wow, pretty sure you picked the wrong DS leader to pair with FBS, don’t worry, in a short time when your arena shard gets a little more developed you will yearn for the days of yore with EP squads everywhere.
  • Truth. I am fighting for my life still stubbornly running an EP lead picking off NS when I can and surrounded by Revan and Traya. Just wait.
  • Wrong time periods. If they give a synergy they should be from the same timeline. See, canon only matters when they can hit us over the head with
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