Active Guilds Looking For Players - October 2018 ***READ RULES IN FIRST POST***



  • Hello players, Battlefrontiers has a few spots open for active and seriously committed people to join. We’re an active USA(EST) based guild looking to do a refresh of our members due to participation issues so a few spots are open.

    We are part of the Gallactic Federation of Free Alliances so by joining our guild which is one of 8 guilds you’ll be joining the alliance chat with access to a lot of helpful information

    Discord is a must.

    Guild Stats:
    - 131M+ GP guild.
    - HPit @ 2pm CST (20 minute hold up before posting solo)
    - HAAT @ 5pm CST
    - Heroic Sith Raid @ 10am CST (taking us 7 hours to complete)
    - TB 40* DS/37* LS

    - 600 tickets daily
    - 2M+ GP (The higher, the better tho for us participation is more important than GP so if you’re below 2M still consider us, we can be flexible about that)
    - Participation on all TW
    - Participation in all TB.
    - Participation in Sith Raid is highly appreciated.

    We know this is a game and everyone has lives so if you’re not very committed we suggest you look somewhere else but if you are serious about it and willing to participate hit us up, we’ll be glad to take you in.

    Reach me on Discord: Zullibanhm#5366
    Or join our discord Recruitment room where we can answer any question you may have:
  • Guild looking for active players to rebuild. We are Raiders of Corella. Our guild just cut a bunch of 40+ day inactive players and a handful of us top players are trying to rebuild our guild.
    We support each other and looking to grow this guild and get back into routine raids. We strive for top levels of the raids and have no problem going through rancor in an hour or less.
    We have a 24 hr join policy on all raids so that everyone has a chance for a reward.
    We ask that you complete the daily list and help the guild build up raid tickets.
    We have an open enrollment or you can pm me for details or guild invite.
    I’m dgtrekker 597-578-717. Raiders of Corella is the guild, our Galactic Power is 17,088,392.
    Hope to see some of you join us!
  • Team Sinister

    Active but laid back public guild looking to rebuild with daily active players to push for HSTR. We removed some inactive members and lost about 18 mil GP. F2P or P2P equally welcome.

    Currently 39 members @ 86 mil GP
    -range from 500k-4mil GP individually

    HPIT/HAAT on farm 6AM/7:30PM/9PM
    EST rotation w/ 24hr join period then FFA

    STR T6 taking 2-3 days
    TB 28-31 avg
    TW haven’t tracked but win more than we lose, likely about 70-75%

    Level 85
    STR participation
    TW sign up is voluntary, mandatory participation once join
    TB at least deploy in any area not already at 3 stars
    Donate gear when you are able to help Guildmates
    Notify an officer if you’ll be away more than 3 days so we know not to boot; real life happens & has to come first

    Things we will never require:
    Minimum GP
    Daily ticket minimum
    Having or Farming specific toons/ships
    3rd part chat

    We do use Discord but if you want to stick to main in-game chat that’s perfectly fine. We mainly use Discord for helpful bots, links, vids, & screenshots. Important communications will always be in-game.

    We have a great group of friendly officers and veterans that love to chat, joke, and help each other out with any questions that you want to ask. We built this Guild just over a year ago out of the ashes of another after that leader went AWOL, but about 1/2 the Guild has been together 2.5-3 years. If we sound like what you are looking for, come join us.

    If you have any questions you can join & ask or reach me on Discord: Sinister#5827
  • Trilium
    132 mil GP

    We have one rare spot for an active daily player.
    Want to be treated like a human instead of a robot? We are an independent guild, have been around since guilds were introduced most it is their first and only guild which shows the kind of atmosphere and loyalty we have. We keep it fun and friendly but also are extremely competitive with the complete understanding real life comes first.

    So a little about us:
    Guild name - Trilium (Central Europe time zone)
    Guild GP - 132 mil
    TW - 36 wins and always play to win
    LSTB - 41 ☆
    DSTB - 43 ☆

    RAIDS - start times are 9pm (GMT+1)
    Heroic Rancor/HAAT 3 times a week
    HSR every 4 days depending on daily ticket counts usually around 29k

    What we are looking for:
    Full focus on TW since we beat all raids on heroic level easily and TW is the real endgame
    GP 2 mio and above
    We expect minimum of 500 raid tickets daily but most get their 600.
    Full participation in all aspects of the game TB’s, TW, and Sith raid.

    To summarize:
    We are not any of the big guild alliances consisting of 100’s of sub guilds, we are more of a small family who enjoy playing and having fun. We help each other, give advice and have lots of general chatting, sticking to our few rules we do have, joining discord, and following TW banners and TB is a given thing. We are as laid back as possible but still ambitious and organized.
    If you see yourself in all of this please don’t hesitate.

    Send us a DM here
    On discord ColinT #9362
    Or JDK#0313
    Or even better join our discord server:

    We look forward to having you join the family 
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