Revan leader ability

Is the 10% health down from revans leader ability when Jedi attacking with an basic attack an enemy with bonus protection resistable or not?


  • DaPowerfulJedi
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    It’s resistable. That’s why some people are now using tenacity mods on Enfys and Traya.
  • JDK82
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    Exactly why I ask is those nest videos.
    But I highly doubt they are against a zeta revan lead or otherwise their health bar has to go down way more.
    Got my nest to 130% tenacity and after 50 sec her health bar is down to 2 = dead when she takes a turn.
    For traya you use it not to get So many debuffs to trigger nihilus before sion.
    And for nest it's important not to get stunned. But is the health down really resistable??
    Either way - highly doubt those videos...
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