Casual Guilds Looking For Players - December 2018 ***READ RULES IN FIRST POST***

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If you are a CASUAL guild looking for players, post your ads here. A Casual guild is one that:
  • Has no minimum activity or participation requirements.

These are the guilds that are more about camaraderie and having fun than achieving any specific game-related goals. It doesn't matter what level you are, how many raid tickets you contribute each day or even whether you participate in raids, Territory Battles or Territory Wars. Players in these guilds are free to play the game however they like.

  • No player advertisements. This thread is for guild advertisements only.
  • Do not reply to advertisements here. Instead, send a private message to the poster/guild recruiter or join their recruitment channel if they have one.
  • Do not post anything that is not a guild advertisement. This means no "I sent you a PM" or anything like that. This includes telling people not to post here. If you see such a post, flag it as "Other" or "Spam" and a mod will remove it.
  • Do not post personal contact information, such as chat IDs or email addresses, here. That information should only be handed out through private messages. Links to third-party chat servers/channels are OK.
  • Feel free to update your ad as often as you like to include relevant information, such as answers to frequently-asked questions, current recruitment status, the size of your wait list, more awesomeness etc.
  • One ad per guild.


How you sell your guild is up to you but please try to keep it to a reasonable length. Some basic information you should include is:
  • Your guild name
  • Forum usernames of your guild recruiters
  • Link to your guild's recruitment chat server/channel, if applicable (Discord, Line, etc)
  • Your guild's reset time, preferably in terms of UTC or GMT offset (UTC 11:30, GMT -06:00, etc)
  • What tier of raids your guild completes and how often
  • How well your guild does at Territory Battles and Territory Wars
  • Minimum player level/GP and character requirements, if any
  • Anything else you feel is important for people to know
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  • Binxy
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    Guild-Name: Brotherhood of the Darkness
    Guild-GP: 110m :

    LSTB: 35+
    DSTB: 35+
    Ally Code: 493-799-258
    Discord: Binxy#9448

    Brotherhood of the Darkness is recruiting! Looking for HPIT, HAAT, HST, TB and TW focused players with a minimum GP of 1.5m, who are ready to compete with a very active and friendly, fun guild.

    UK evening raid schedule. Top players and collaborative environment - feel free to send me a message if interested.
  • Calamitous Intent is seeking active members.

    Guild activities on US Eastern time zone.

    Heroic HAAT & Rancor raids, 24 hr. Join period for both.
    Sith raid Tier 5

    Current raid start times: 

    Rancor - 11am/6pm E (4pm/11pm UTC)
    HAAT - 12pm/7pm E (5pm/midnight UTC)                                           

    Discord & encouraged.

    We recently completed a guild merge to create a HSTR guild. So we offer mobility up to the ally guild when you get squads ready.

    The plan is for our original members to come back as they complete the farm (or if they tire of the grind) & wind up with 2 HSTR guilds.

    Looking for active players to earn tickets & participate in Territory Wars and Battles.

    Aerogator#9975 (my Discord).
    My ally code: 321-755-675

    Traveling through hyperspace ain't like dusting crops.
  • The UK based guild Escaped Arkham Inmates is looking for new members! :-D

    We're a casual new-player-friendly guild, the only real rules we have are to be nice and to sign up for the Territory War!

    We raid:
    Rancor 7 and try and let people who don't have Han Solo at 7* rank highest.
    Sith 4 or 5 depending on how many tickets we have to burn!
    And as for the Tank ... we can kill Tier 1 in less than 12 hours and are working as a Guild to put teams together for Tank 2 and we're getting close to being ready to destroy it! Join us for the kill!

    Sign up and say hi in chat and you'll get a friendly welcome!
    I look forward to meeting you in game!
  • pk2323
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    We are a very active guild with 6 spots open. We do not require players to spend money, and we do not have a minimum level to join. We just ask that you are active. We have plenty of heavy hitters to get through the raids so everyone gets rewards.
    Guild name- Mos Eisley Banthas
    My ally code- 517-288-351
    We love star wars and enjoy playing the game together. We hope you will join us and enjoy the game as well with us.

    You can find me on discord and ask questions as well- FlyLikeAKight
  • ObiJuanKendobi
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    The Galactic Legion Needs You!

    We are a casual guild (40+ active players) growing steadily every day. Reset time is 4:30 GMT.

    We run the Heroic Pit Raid twice a week.
    Heroic Tank Takedown every 4-5 days.
    We do a 5th tier Sith Raid every 4 days. (Working towards 6)
    Raid times: 11pm-12am GMT, 7/8pm Eastern time

    Heroic raids have a 24 hour join period.

    Territory Wars and Battles:
    We started our first territory wars in January (2019) and have done well in both. We do about 15-17 stars in Territory Battles.

    We are looking for players who are active daily and can participate in Guild Events (Raids, Territory Wars and Battles). Ideally, players should have some 7* teams in order to participate in the Heroic raids.

    Contact Us:
    • Guild Recruiter: Taslye (Forum), Ally Code: 985-799-262, or find us in game.
    • Guild Leader: Obi Juan Kendobi, Ally Code: 844-557-464
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  • CR_jev
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  • Shad0wHydra182
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    Delete this guild advertisement please.
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  • Active guild looking for 5-8 peeps. Laid back guild. Discord.
    Tainted Outcasts
    Looking for a few to push us over in HSith.
    30 stars TB
    Looking for at least 8-10M package of peeps.
    Discord: Burbles44#4663
  • DarthGibbons
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    - 80mil GP and climbing.
    - Guild reset at 6:30pm AEDT (UTC +11).
    - Heroic Pit launched automatically at 7pm AEST or AEDT every 3-4 days (24hr join period).
    - Heroic AAT launched automatically at 7pm AEST or AEDT every 5-6 days (24hr join period).
    - T6 Sith Raids launched automatically, excited to work up to Heroic with your help!
    - Fantastic TW record – far more wins than losses (Estimated 80% win ratio).
    - 20+ stars in TBs with great prospects to keep climbing!
    While we’re largely an Australian guild, we’re welcoming to anyone. We’re all about working together and so are happy to help early game players speed up their progression. If interested please join our Discord recruitment server ( or message me here on the forums, the Bogans would love you to join our ranks!
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  • Petzis`s Padawans suchen Verstärkung. Wir sind eine englisch und deutschsprachige Gilde, die in erster Linie Spaß am Spiel haben wollen. Unsere knapp 42 Mio GP starke Gilde spielt den HRancor und HAAT sowie Tickets dafür vorhanden sind (Startzeit ist 20:00), mehrmals die Woche. Den Sithraid probieren wir derzeit auf Level 6, das dauert aber dann ein paar Tage ;-). Wir gewinnen unsere TW regelmäßig und im TB erzielen wir durchschnittlich 15 Sterne. Es ist jeder willkommen, der das Spiel genauso mag wie wir, ohne es zu ernst zu nehmen (das wahre Leben geht vor ;-).
    Wer Interesse oder Fragen hat, kontaktiert mich hier oder Ingame (157-812-111)
    Ich hoffe man sieht sich.
  • Kaelihm
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  • Dutch Protectorate

    Casual dutch guild looking for dutch speaking members.

    Nederlandstalig guild voor mensen die geen zin hebben in verplichtingen, maar wel lekker raids en guild events willen doen. Heel sociaal en gezellig guild. Volop mogelijkheid om te leren van ervaren spelers en te groeien.
    Spelers van alle levels welkom.

    Ik ben ingame bereikbaar via mijn ally-code: 947-394-492
  • Australian Guild looking for active players

    Aussie Nerf Herders

    1.5 Mil GP minimum

    Weve been around for 2 years this January and most of us have been together since formation
    We do HAAT, HPit and T6 Sith raids, Guild event participation is a must to help everyone as
    best we can. Discord Optional but not required and we also have an active Facebook group

    If interested send me a msg here or ally code 268 758 362 name is CoolBreeze
  • I’ll keep this short and sweet. PORGS ATE MY HOMEWORK is looking for active yet casual players of ALL levels. All that we require is participation in TW and TB. We are composed of mostly alt accounts and newer players. Currently at 30 members, with a very active core group of 20.

    Ally Code : 578-493-578

    We hope to hear from you! Feel free to add or message me in-game with any questions, or feel free to look us up and join!

    - Snokey McPorg
  • GarzHuun
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    Siege Battalion
    Currently 77 Mil GP
    Garz Hunn 599-922-333
    Some have Discord but we use in game chat.
    UTC -7
    HPit, HAAT & Tier VI Sith
    HPit and HAAT every 2-3 days, Sith 5-6
    Territory Battle about 25 stars and War it’s hard to say with the changes but maybe 60/40 win rate
    Player Level 85 min and we would like a min of 1.5 Mil GP
    We have 4-5 position open as of today and its open invite so come join us.
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  • Darkest Hour

    We're a pretty casual guild, our main rules are basically 'Keep it civil,' and 'Be active.'

    Level 20+ min, we run Heroic Rancor regularly.

    We're Open to join, ally code: 146-258-563

    Hope to see you.
  • Terrick
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    NEW GUILD. Just created. TIred of being a medium fish in the ocean of SWGOH? Come here and be the big fish for a change and a chance to be a major player of a casual group. I run things simply, I have two careers and use this to de-stress and relax. Looking for players that have lives outside of this game but still like to play casually with a guild. Just add me as an ally 657-357-593 and shoot me a message. Happy to welcome everyone that wants to play on our guild. US Mountain Time here.

    United Alliance SWGOH

    Ally Code 657-357-593 Terrick
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  • Celeste_Valinois
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    We're an older guild of a few elite players and mostly casual players who had our numbers thinned by people leaving for Sith Raid completion.

    Currently we are at 33 million GP and only have about 13 active members. We have no level requirements, just that you play regularly, contribute to Territory Battles, aren't an offensive person.

    We clear Heroic Rancor with ease, but haven't quite been able to finish a Heroic Tank Raid. We are very close to it though.

    Our Dith Raids take us about a week, tier 5.

    We average about 14 Stars on a Territory Battle.

    We have too few members to even do a Territory War.

    Anyone interested to join is welcome to find us through the guild finder or just send me a message. We have a Discord, though I'm the only one who uses it most of the time. If it becomes the primary method to talk, all of current members are happy to move to it.

    My Ally Code is 988-132-349, Celeste Valinois
  • ◦ Guild Name: Venezuela side
    ◦ GP: 58 millions
    ◦ Open Positions: 3
    ◦ Guild Activities Reset Time: 23:00 UTC
    ◦ Raids: Heroic Rancor (done in few minutes, twice a week); Heroic AAT (done in few hours, 1 or 2 times a week), Sith Tier 5 (done in 4 days).

    We are a very united and active team but not that extremely like others. Most of us are from Venezuela but we have also USA and Europe members, we are open for more new members from other countries also.

    Our rules are:
    ◦ Player level 80 or higher.
    ◦ 24hrs of 0 damage for HRancor and HAAT.
    ◦ Sith Raid immediately restart when finished or tickets available.
    ◦ We kick out members with more than 5 days of inactivity, unless it was previously notified this absence.
    ◦ Follow few basic and simple instructions for territorial battles and wars. This way we can coordinate our team effort.

    Apart from above...
    ◦ We don’t pretend or demand to spend crystals to reach 600 daily tickets (but if you get close or at least 400 this will be appreciated, because that allows us a better frequency of Raids).
    ◦ We don’t force you to join LINE o DISCORD; but we do have a Whatsapp group chat to coordinate and help each other in a more effective way because with the game chat this matter still a little bit more difficult. However if you want to communicate by game chat only, it’s ok for us.

    We want to keep developing and growing as guild to reach all Heroic Raids, 48 stars in territorial battles and win all Territorial Wars we participate in!

    If all above sounds good to you, you can look for us and join since we are open guild option in the game.

    Hope I can see you soon in our team!
    Syon Knox
    Ally code: 534-761-556
  • Talisen
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    The Menirens are looking for casual yet fairly active players of all levels to join us. We're U.S based but anyone is welcome to join. We currently do t3 to t5 pit 2 or 3 times a week. We don't have any requirements other than have fun. Send me a pm here or look us up we're open to join. Please no merger requests..
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  • The Revenant S I T H

    60 mil GP

    We are a UK based Guild running regular Heroic Pit, HAAT and t5/6 STR

    Looking for other casual but committed players to continue
    our collective growth in-game.
    Ideally we're looking for players around 1-2m GP+ but if your active
    we dont mind accepting lower players, and we will try to offer as much
    help as we can.

    We have a mix of players from those preparing for HSTR to players preparing for JTR.
    We have a Discord channel, but not necessary to sign up for as long as your active, and following in-game instructions (Raid rules, attacking instructed areas in TB/TW etc)


    -lvl 80+
    -Daily player
    -participation in as much as possible

    Look us up in game, or message me on Discord:
    Ally code:
  • Academy of Guild Slovakia is looking for new members

    We are an academy guild of 'Guild Slovakia (116M GP)' and we have currently many open slots.

    Timezone: GMT+1 (CET)

    Due to the requirement, the rest of the post is in Slovak, but even if you speak English you will be accepted ;)
    Currently able to do HPIT, STR, AAT

    Sme cerstvo otvorena akademia (10.5M GP) a tymto hladame novych hracov, ktori by u nas vyrastli a tym nas spolocne vsechnych posunuli dalej. Vdaka tomu aktualne nemame ziadne limity alebo obmedzenia na level ci GP. Pri dostatocnej sile bude mozny prestup do nasej hlavnej guildy, takze aj dalsi postup v hre je pre vas zabezpeceny.

    Idealne je hrat kazdy den uz kvoli odmenam za prihlasenie. Co je dolezite je aktivita a plnenie dennych uloh lebo pokial ich budete poctivo plnit kazdy den, tak porastiete celkom rychlo a vasa guilda tiez :)

    Raidy sa snazime spustat vzdy ked na to mame a aktualne robime HPIT, STR, AAT.

    V pripade zajmu mi napiste tu alebo na Discordu (Stileth#6002) alebo sa rovno prihlaste do guildy (volny vstup).

    Moj Ally Code: 553-432-926

    Nazov guildy: Guild Slovakia B
  • Hey fellow gamers and Star Wars fans! My name is Timothy and I'm the leader of True Light. We are a 66 million GP guild looking for new recruits. True Light has been around since guilds were implemented into the game with some members being with us since then. Most of us are above level 75, but we are open to all levels looking to grow and develop in the game. We regularly do the Heroic Rancor and tank raids.

    Overall, we have been a very casual guild and will continue to do so. If all you want to do is just play the game and be unimpeded by multiple rules, True Light is the guild for you. Hope to see you soon!

    My ally code: 766-811-453

    Please note that my guild may not come up right away in the search. According to support, it'll take 3-6 refreshes. To make it easier, you can message me using the in-game chat and my ally code and we can coordinate you to get in.
  • Drop it like its Hothh is recruiting. Relaxed and friendly guild are we!

    Reaching 50M GP
    Doing heroic rancor and HAAT raids.
    Doing tier V STR.
    Our guild member are always here to help.

    We’re looking for players who:
    - can reach the 600 tickets per day
    - are at least level 80
    - contribute in all modes of the game.

    If interested, look us up in the game or contact me on discord Trigo Kando#9594 or message me in the game - ally code: 857-997-161.

    Thank you for reading this. We look forward to hearing from you.

  • ruggeroo8
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    The Lukewarm Tauntauns is now a Heroic Sith Raid guild

    132 million GP guild

    3 Hpits a week starting at 1PM PST, solo toon for 24 hours then million damage limit
    2 HAAT a week starting at 2PM PST, 24 hour join then FFA
    2 HSR a week Wednesday and Sunday 24 hour join then FFA
    38/40 stars in TB

    Discord required

    Our main focus is TB

    We ask only that you show up put up 500 tickets a day average, have 1.8 mill GP, at least 1 HSR ready team, do all battles in TB, and follow raid rules.
    We are a very laid back group.

    Contact ruggeroo8#2029 on discord for info (those are o's not zeros)
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  • DarthBloodlust
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    Completed a guild merge. Mods please delete
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  • Fenwolf78
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    White Wolves Den

    Great starter guild for new players. No pressure just have fun.

    Simple casual guild open for all. No requirements. We are designed for those with busy lives and families.

    Guild reset is 6:30pm EST.
    All raids have 24h join so as many as possible can get in for rewards.
    No minimums.
    Play when you can.

    Look us up on guild search or contact me in game.

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  • Blood of Wolves is looking for new members

    41M GP
    44 active members (L49-85, GP 35k-2.8M)...all are welcome

    Heroic Pit (24h signup and damage limits on anyone with 7* Han)
    HAAT (24h signup)
    T5 Sith

    Friendly guild based on helping each other along. No farming requirements, so if you have an affinity for Ewoks or Jawas you are free to assemble your team of little weirdos without (much) judgement.

    Only requirements are: 1) Don't be a ****, 2) Let an officer know if you will be inactive for more than a few days

    Discord available, but entirely optional.

    Guild open to join, or message me in game 479-231-511

  • SaintHuck1
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    Our guild "Top100" has 2 free slots to offer, so we are looking players who wants to join us. We are casual guild and are here for the fun, so there are no rules for daily activity. We need you to strengthen our Troops for Territory War/Battles and the Sith Raid.
    Players of Level 85 are welcome
    We are 48 Members with a GP of 70M.
    Heroic Rancor and Heroic Tank (HAAT): Starttime 19:00 CET/CEST - 24h registration time
    Sith Raid: Tier V
    Communication: Ingame Chat or Discord (Discord not mandatory)
    We offer A friendly respectful community where we support each other with advise, gear and activity.
    We expect you to take part in guild events and raids. After 30 days of inactivity without notice any player will be removed

    If you want to become a member of our community: Just Join.
    If there are any questions: Feel free to ask by PM
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