Grand Arena Rewards

Is it just me or are the rewards for grand arena a little underwhelming.

I’d of like to have seen maybe a unique character or maybe currency for one of the other stores, maybe g12 pieces.

Hope they add some more exciting loot. Game mode seems cool.


  • Kyno
    21288 posts Moderator
    They may change them, but to keep there from being a huge disparity they may always look similar to this.

    Winning and losing will be more about bragging rights than something that could make a bigger divide between players.
  • Yeah, to be fair if they put a zeta on the win it would end up exacerbating the divide.

    What about crystals for the win? 🤣 I can dream
  • This is just a trial version of grand arena
  • Also, if I am not mistaken, they mentioned per-battle rewards as well. so we will see. But yea, these are spec'd toward a 1v1 GA match, which will not be the case moving forward. So we will need to wait until the first real match to know what they will really be.
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