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  • Five wins 5 crashes for me no points registered. What an annoyance
  • I just beat one of my opponents squads and got an error, when I reloaded the game, it showed the squad as defeated but I got 0 banners for winningzibzkjv1ismk.jpg
  • Amoliski wrote: »
    >so why haven't you geared more characters to g12? Your opponent managed to do so at the same gp. It's not the devs fault you built a non competitive roster.

    And all of the similar replies.

    Are you suggesting that people should have spent months to years focusing on keeping a deep, but narrow roster just because there may, at some point in the future, be an arena mode with GP-based matchmaking? Would you be crying now if it was a TW-style event where a wide roster is more appealing.

    But none of that matters because the devs have mentioned that they don't believe in punishing people for investing in characters. It's the entire reason they nerfed paper zombie.

    You need several good teams for tw. You need several g12 teams to do well in hstr. All of which have been out for quite some time.

    So it's not like this is the first time you have use for more than 1 g12 team.
  • Lol cleared opponent in 6 straight crashes post wins,GA is over rated , ty cg 😂🤣😋
  • DeekRep
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    It keeps crashing - I win then it gives error code 11.0 and restarts the game and I get no banners. If I draw, it lets me continue to play. Hopefully it will get fixed soon and I think we deserve crystals or shards to make up for the letdown as it's been building up for over a month.
  • I've just cleared whole board. Opposition hasn't... yet. If they do, I'll have taken less attempts than them so would win on that, but if they hold off and get banners then that's hardly fair. Just restart, and change the opponent as we know each others rosters now.
  • So glad this was tested:(
  • If you all really want to encourage them to correct their many many flaws, STOP GIVING THEM YOUR MONEY!!! It's the only thing they care about and will react to. Hell, if we're lucky they might even fire their coders and hire some high school kids who would at least test the game before releasing content.
  • Myself and my other Guild mates are having the same problems. GA is knackered.
  • Fracking moroons
  • So many tears! :(
  • Ugnaught
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    Go easy guys, it's no picnic for them either. Releasing new content and well.. They'll get it going.

    If they had an open test server like they did for TW originally that would be a justified response.
    As is it is not. If they don't have an open testing phase they deserve 100% of the backlash and loss of customers for putting out a bad product that was not properly tested.
  • Obo_Nâm wrote: »
    So many tears! :(

    This isn't our first gets old after a while, no?
  • Ok... I am all setup with defensive squads, but can't attack as my opponent has not bothered to set anything up. Now what???
  • So, is the Grand Arena supposed to crash out and award 0 points when you win a battle?
  • I won all 5 battles without losing a single character but it chased after each one and I didn't get any points. This sucks so much.
  • I suggest roster refresh and redo, guessing the restart means your win data(who survived, 100% health, etc) isn't getting transfered, so banner algorithms are working with 0.
    I had 4 underdog wins, 1 toon out of 10 was defeated. I'd reshuffle or lock in defense though. Also please split fleet gp and squad gp, give my ships something to do.
  • I have cleared the board with no points registered. CG you need to reboot GA and let us start from scratch.
  • Hi guys, Don't usually post here, but I feel like it's getting to be a typical occurrence. New toy, serious bugs.

    What I don't really understand is why the team doesn't actually bug test new features by inviting real people who play the game to beta test it for a couple of days. Then if it's bugged, delay the update!

    We all know that there is a huge difference between sandbox testing, beta testing and roll out to all players. Can CG not announce those stages (if needed) and do better testing beforehand? Surely, this bug could have been caught earlier on. It would seem that no real users actually played it during testing.

    I mean, the Grand Arena doesn't work. Plain and simple. No way around it.

    If this was totally unexpected after extensive testing, it would be really nice to understand what happened. It would likely go a long way to acknowledging the let down for users/fans.

    Yeah, yeah, it's just a game, take a pill, relax. But c'mon this is a software product. Some people spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on it (crazy!), and others devote a lot of time to it.

    In any other market/service, users would be up at arms or leaving for a competitor. Please think about explaining what went wrong, it would really help us understand how this happened (and you might get some understanding or rightful criticism).

  • Ok... I am all setup with defensive squads, but can't attack as my opponent has not bothered to set anything up. Now what???

    It’s ok. Same here. You should already have the banners added to your score as though you conquered the territories?
  • They know, you seen the post....this is an exhibition and good thing it was. Now they will simply reward everyone as if they won each battle and 1st place rewards while they fix the issues before they roll it out for real. Simple common sense, you guys are doing them no good posting about it 200x over, they know it happened to EVERYONE lol. You know they always make good when bug, let them fix it so we can enjoy it going forward.
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    LukeDukem8 wrote: »
    echoing the above complaints on matchmaking this round. seems like number of toons at gear
    tier 12 was NOT considered. my opponent has 29 gear tier 12 toons, and i have 8.

    so why haven't you geared more characters to g12? Your opponent managed to do so at the same gp. It's not the devs fault you built a non competitive roster.

    this...if someone with the same GP as another decided to make smarter choices in building their roster, they deserve to win, not be forced to only play against people who made the exact same decisions they did. Not to mention its a tourney of 8, so the stronger teams will eventually play against the stronger teams.

    Unreal how many people are complaining about bad matchups when they made bad decisions.

    I'll give you two reasons. The first is that anyone who started later in the game will be at an advantage because they didn't bother leveling crap toons that longer players will have. Second is that cg stated that players shouldn't, and wouldn't be penalized for leveling and gearing toons. Hell that's the excuse horse they rode in on in their justification for nerfing zombie.
  • There's always Marvel's Strike Force or a number of other games to play. Maybe if for even a few days everyone just protested and not spend any money at all they would get the point and understand. Maybe...
  • Game crashes.
  • What a pity.... Was looking forward to grand arena.... But appear to be sufferinging in the same way as others.... Battles won.... Crash..... No banners for the wins...... No doubt you are already working on fix..... So good luck
  • So, win all 4 battles but get 0 banners due to have to restart the game after every battle, also got 0 banners for conquering both zones. Won't be impressed if the opponent wins due to getting the banners for winning a couple of battles and conquering only one zone
  • It restarts my game after every grand arena battle. Says the connection something. And now I can't go pass checking for updates screen.
  • JediRobb wrote: »
    They’ll make it up to us I’m sure. Let’s wait and see before going hysterical.

    No they wont
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