Issues with Grand Arena [MERGE]



  • Same.
    Of course not fun.
    Of course every new content is heavily bugged.
    I'm also sad since I should have many progresses in GA missions...
  • MaCrOsS09791
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    I’m hoping that either my wins will count after the big fix, or the attack phase gets restarted. Either way, I’m not surprised. iot1yommzjrp.png
  • Same problem. And I've just started a normal arena battle and the whole game crashed on me. Battle counted as a loss.
  • I'm kicked with error code 1.0 from every winning battle, also ppints are not added.
  • I don’t care about the rewards. They aren’t even very good for this exhibition version. I just want the game mode to work. I want something to be released that doesn’t look like it was rushed, **** and not tested at all. This looks like a fun game mode. I was looking forward to it all day, and it is broke like everything else at release. It’s absolutely inexcusable.
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    I see my post asking for compensation has been deleted. One of these days there will be a class action I kid you not.

    Asking $116 AU for digital content and giving us nothing in return for a faulty product. You will pay soon i promise
  • So first battle I won, but got the 1.1 error so no banners
    Second battle, kicked mid fight and no record of damage done to a CLS rebels team (there is no protection regen on the team but they somehow all have full protection). I'll admit I was losing (+100% potency emperor getting 5 resists on AoE) Team is gone and 1 attempt registered.
    3rd battle error 1.1 after a win.

    Guess i should have checked the forums before trying out a new, exciting feature.
  • I winatwvtln11brg.png
  • same situation as OP. submitted bug report.
  • Same here
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    A message to those who are mad that their banners for attacking didn’t count:
    The rewards for this exhibition match are crap. We ARE going to get BETTER rewards from the devs saying sorry and giving us crystals to make up for it than we would get from actually winning this thing.
  • Will they come in August?
  • It restarts my game after every grand arena battle. Says the connection something. And now I can't go pass checking for updates screen.
  • Unless they just say sorry and offer no compensation... ;)
  • Same issues here, won twice no banners just this message both times.lqbr1ntmv8pb.png
  • js4
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    Managed to get banners for my victory, seems to be working just fine again. You may resume
  • Kissycat wrote: »
    Unless they just say sorry and offer no compensation... ;)

    I fear that day to come... let’s hope not.
  • Yup, same here. Completed three battles with the big report, had no casualties. But no banners. If I end up losing because of this I’ll be very disappointed. My opponent has a higher GP than me, so if the result is a tie I’ll get second place rewards. Absolutely ridiculous.
  • 5 wins didn’t lose a single toon. Thought it was my internet until I checked the forum after. Somewhat disappointed
  • Clearly, we ARE the testers, since all the big studio names are busy cutting costs to better sell stocks.
  • I thank all those bugs exposed by the Grand Arena.
    1) How wrong is the parameter that makes the selection of TW damaging the guilds of low galactic power.
    2) The ad itself allows the person to retain his or her galactic power at the top of one of the tracks to earn better prizes.
    3) The test team needs to recruit more people.
    4) PG is composed of the sum of two powers, since the phase only involves battles between the characters, would not it be more prudent to make the evaluation based on the power of character, something that already appears in the statistics?

    My suggestion is that you make a statistical algorithm based on that if you face a person much weaker than you, in the next fight you find someone stronger with at least the same PG difference of the person that you defeated previously.

    And I am giving these advice for free, something I should receive from you for them.

    Sorry again for my poor English and use google translator.

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    Bugged for me to :\ ve9hu557lef9.png
  • My bad for completing ALL my battles before I saw this? This is ridiculous....
  • js4
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    no banners for you. expect 3 clone wars chewbacca shards and a new Portrait as compensation.
    JerryHello wrote: »
    So you'll post in game messages before a patch so people don't lose progress from battles, but won't put an ingame message when there is a a bug with live event?

    I don't think people automatically check the forums when they initially log in or the when they receive a random error for the first time... I logged on, won my first battle got the error, restarted and chalked it up to having something to do with my internet connection. Then won my 2nd battle, got the same error and immediately went to the forums. So I'm not going to get my banners now..?

  • This bug was not in the leaks.. >:)
  • Tbuono89 wrote: »
    How does this get passed testing LOL?????

  • I looked up "incompetence" in the dictionary
    Next to it was a picture of CG's development team.
  • Hey look, it's Friday! We will hear from them on Monday I guess.
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