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Hey dudes. I'm on the verge of finishing up my current farms and trying to decide what to do next. I could use a hand!

Dat link:

Gonna preface this by saying I'm aware that my mods mostly aren't very good. I missed pretty much all of mods 1.0, so I'm real behind the curve there. Working on it as I can, but that doesn't really interfere with character/gear farms so I'm not worried about it here.

Here are the teams I currently consider "usable," meaning everyone is at least G10:

Resistance: Standard anti-Nihilus squad
Bounty Hunters: "Classic" team, Bossk zeta lead
Empire: Tarkin lead, Vader, EP, Thrawn, Snowtrooper. Hardly the "standard" squad but it works OK.
Jedi: zBastila lead, zGMY, Ezra, Jolee, Old Ben
Scoundrels: Qi'ra lead, OG Han/Chewie, Young Han, Vandor Chewie
Nightsisters: zTalzin lead, zVentress, Daka, Initiate, Talia (doesn't show currently on swgoh, but AV has Rampage zeta)
First Order: zKRU, Kylo Ren, FOST, zFOTP, FOO

Also have Biggs, CLS, and Zaalbar at decent gear levels, but none of them really fit neatly anywhere at the moment. CLS is G12, but I mostly just use him for raids.

Current farms:

Old Republic for Revansauce: Just need 18 Jolee shards and 80-something T3M4 shards and I'm done there.

Ewoks - won't be ready for C3P0, but I was actually farming them anyway before it was announced so I wouldn't have to keep missing out on the AT-ST event. Was planning on just getting them to g8-9ish for that.

Possible directions to go in:

- Stop building new teams for a bit and beef up current ones more.
- Keep going on Ewoks and turn them into a "real" team, maybe have them ready for C3P0's 2nd run.
- Imperial Troopers: Have everyone but Range at 7* already. Would kind of want Range on that team though, tbh. Kinda like that this really only needs one zeta to work.
- Rebels: Have a few characters at OK gear levels already, but not much is really worthwhile atm besides CLS and Biggs. Was kinda eyeballing a Rogue One squad (Jyn, Cassian, K2, Bistan, Pao).
- Build up NS Zombie and get NS in better shape for arena/Sith raid
- Start farming Sion/Nihilus, move EP & Vader off my bootleg Empire team and build a proper Sith squad. Kinda hoping to see Badstila get doubled up on a node with ship shards for this.

Guild has HPit and HAAT on farm, currently alternating T5/T6 on Sith. Heroic is a long way off yet - lots of people still don't have JTR, nevermind any of the crazy-specialized teams that get used for phases 2-4.

Hit me with some knowledge, folks.


  • Anyone? Bueller?

    Did I make this too wordy? I feel like I made it too wordy.

  • Waqui
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    You're ready to upgrade Chewie to 7*. With him, you will have great teams for each phase in hSTR. You may also be able to reach top—100 in squad arena.

    You're almost ready for Revan's return.
    You're far behind for C3P0. Might as well start farming them now, to become ready in the future.

    Gearing your troopers enough to complete the special mission in TB would be one of my priorities — both to help out your guild, but also because they are fun to play and have their uses in TW as well.

    Working a bit on your NS could make them really great for hSTR and also usable in TW.
  • Thanks dude. I was leaning towards gearing up the Imp. Troopers a bit, both for TB and to deal with Nightsisters in Grand Arena, so it's probably them and ewoks for a while.
    Waqui wrote: »
    You're ready to upgrade Chewie to 7*. With him, you will have great teams for each phase in hSTR. You may also be able to reach top—100 in squad arena.

    Would you mind specifying which team for which phase? JTR for phase 1 obviously, and I assume Nightsisters for P4, but I'm curious which teams you would use for 2 and 3. I will note that I've found my Scoundrel squad (the one listed above) works surprisingly well in both of those phases, at least on T6.

  • I am actually jealous of those who have the troopers built up. They are a good squad for P2 in answer to your question, one of our guys in our guild does crazy insane damage with them on Sion.
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