"Your comment will appear after it is approved"

Does anyone know what this means? I get it sometimes, and then the comment never appears. It seems like it's maybe flagging potentially-offensive language for a mod to look at, or something? But I have no idea what I could've said that would set that off.


  • It happens if you edit or post too many times in quick succession. I get it when I see a mistake in my post and go back to edit it right away.
  • Ah, OK. I do pretty frequently notice a typo or something and quickly go to edit, so that's probably it.

  • Happened to me when I edited a post immediately after posting it when I saw a typo.
  • That's what happens when I edit a post right away as well. Problem is, it seemingly NEVER gets approved and the post stays gone.


  • Kyno
    23463 posts Moderator
    We try to clear out those posts as often as we can. If this happens to you. Please feel free to message anyone on the mod team.
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