Mythic Rancor raid Spécualtion

Hey Guys time for speculation

I'm not here to talk about what Mechanic or change will be made for a mythic rancor raid but more about the reward character!

The character reward should be Jabba the Hut and a rework will be made for Gamorian guard

Here is Jabba the hut kit

Basic - You weak minded fool
Inflict Speed down to the target enemy, remove 15% turn meter and dispel all buff can't be evaded or resisted and call a random Scoundrel ally to attack if Gamorian guard is present he is also called to assist.

Special - This Bounty Hunter is my kind of scum - 3 turn cooldown
Every scoundrel ally gain speed, critical chance, critical damage up for 2 turns. Bounty hunter ally cooldown reduced by one and call all bounty hunter to assist dealing 75% less damage
(Zeta +25% damage to the assist and +1 turn for the buff on scoundrel)

Special - Wanted - 8 turn cooldown
Inflict wanted to the target enemy this attack cannot be evaded or resisted Until the end of the battle or when the target enemy is defeated or Jabba is defeated
(zeta - Cannot be dispelled)

Wanted Mechanic
Cannot Gain any buff or turn meter (from abilities). When a bounty hunter attack the Wanted enemy, The bounty hunter gain 25% turn meter and gain potency up for 2 turn

Leader ability - There will be no bargain
Scoundrel ally Gain 20% max health/protection and 20% counter chance. Bounty hunter ally gain 30% offence and 15% speed. For each damage overtime, an enemy has it remove 5% max health ( on raid bosses it remove 5% Defence staking for each damage over time)

Unique - You will soon learn to appreciate me
Whenever Jabba the hut take damage, Gamorian guard all debuff on himself and gain taunt for 2 turns and heal 20% health an protection (Zeta - Gamorian guard gain 10% max Health every time Jabba take Damage)


  • Lio
    759 posts Member
    You put a lot of thought, energy, and time into... well.... speculation.

    Well done?
  • Would love to see a mythic Rancor. Don't care about Jabba. Something more fun that select team and put it on auto while you solo it would be nice.
  • Is anyone else as confused by the presence of the acute accent in the title as I am?
  • You weak minded fool ability lol.
  • How does he escape? No damage, and doesn’t make sence for him to escape. Mabye a simple place a dot on target enemy or something.
  • Dk_rek
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    edited December 2018
    Odds are if there is a character attached it will be Piggy the Gammo X-wing pilot
    Might Get his ship 4door expanded Cab with 72 eon warranty Xwing....
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