C3PO unlock and 7*

So what are people unlocking C3PO with? What is it taking for 7*?


  • Hasn’t started yet.
  • Cmon already, why is everybody soooo sloow on getting 3cpo!! :/
    Dont have all day guys. :D

    Ok, whats the best setup, do we need logray, what gear, what mods needed and can we autoplay it?

  • Nobody has a time machine ;-)
  • banjo1071
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    I just gave it a glance. With no mods and g8 Ewoks i was able to auto tier 2. This will not be easy!
  • Gonna be as difficult if not more than chewie
  • I've done tier 2 so far and I have to say that the surrender animation is so cute at the end of a battle.
  • Wrecked at Tier 5. That’s with mostly G9, some G8 and a one gear piece from G12 Elder, no zetas. Might be spending the Chirpa zeta after all.
  • Wrecked at Tier 5. That’s with mostly G9, some G8 and a one gear piece from G12 Elder, no zetas. Might be spending the Chirpa zeta after all.

    Me too. Chirpa lead g10, Wicket g10, Teebo g10, Elder g11, Scout g9, fair mods, no zetas, got annihilated.
  • Can unlock with no zetas. Just cleared t5. Took about 8 goes.

    chirpa g9, teebo g11, elder g11, scout g10 wicket g11. No special mods. Fastest is Scout speed 197.

    Keep elder alive/stealthed.
  • T5 auto with g11 chirpa(zeta), logray, wicket, paploo, elder
  • Dk_rek
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    Fully clicked on thrad expecting OP pic showing unlock..... maybe its a troll event and he is un7*able
  • Dk_rek
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    T5 auto with g11 chirpa(zeta), logray, wicket, paploo, elder

    Good to know !!!!! Thanks
  • Curtismathew
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    I’ve done it (7*) with G10 or 11. I do have a few Zeta though. Tough event though, but a nice challenge. Leave off Teebo and Scout (that’s what I did) you’ll need Paploo for dispel. Speed around +90, but Paploo only had +50.
  • Got him to 7☆ using zChirpa g10, wicket g10, logray g10, paploo g11, ewok elder g11. Each ewok has somewhere between +80 & +110 speed from mods.
  • Well, looks like I'm screwed since I don't have Wicket or Paploo 7*. I"m just hoping to unlock him but that might not be possible with my line up and most of them being only g9.
  • T6 auto with same lineup I posted earlier
  • Cleared t6 with 6* g10 zchirpa l, 7* g12 elder, 6* g9 logray, 6* g10 wicket and 7* g10 paploo. Put as much speed as you can on them and hope for the best.
  • Gorem
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    Guess when you have the right Ewoks all it takes is some luck, doesn't actually matter your gear, and you can TM train your way to the win even at seven star. Its just getting the ewoks to seven star that's hard.

    Man its going to suck working on them though down the road xD Just glad I got him unlocked for now.
  • No Logray needed, did it without him.
  • No g12 (one g11 only), no zetas, cleared T6 with Chirpa, Scout, Elder, Wicket and Logray, speeds around 215. Call Elder for assists, get Chewie asap, then it is easy.
    Now T7... Well, that is a completely different story :)
  • ZChief Chirpa - g11 +2 226 Speed Wicket - g11 +2 270 Speed Ewok Elder - g11 +2 235 Speed Logray - g10 +4 243 Speed Paploo - g10 +4 223 Speed
  • NDSnyder
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    Done it. 7* C3PO with:
  • No_Try
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    NDSnyder wrote: »
    Done it. 7* C3PO with:

    Whoah, really? You should make a guide for peeps.
  • zChirpa g11, zWicket g11, Paploo g11, Elder g11, Logray g9. Only 50ish speed on them except for Paploo at +91.
    Cleared 7 Star first go.
  • OrpheusRobot
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    If you want to auto battle it for a barely win/minimum requirements-- zeta chirpa, zeta wicket, and zeta logray. Add Ewok Elder and Paploo (no zeta).

    All need to be G11 and average mods. I jacked my elder to G12 minimum though because I was sick of the rebels targeting and killing him.

    I didn't even bother moving mods around, but they all have +30 speed arrows and probably nothing else in the speed department.

    Survive the intial rebel first strike/onslaught then proceed to hit auto like a boss, kill chewbacca first then the rest is easy. then proceed to enjoy your 7 star golden rod. took me two tries after i jacked everyone up.

    it came down to my wicket left versus c3p0 last man standing on auto battle for 5 minutes until i won.

    that is all.

    It's the bare minimum and you are screwed if you think you can do it with teebo and ewok scout in place of wicket/logray/paploo.

    good luck and may the force be with you.
  • Krjstoff wrote: »
    T6 done with G11 Chirpa, Paploo, Logray, Elder and Wicket. No zetas. No G11->G12 pieces equipped. Speed +65-80 on all. Get wrecked in T7 though, so will have to get back to the drawing board.

    Throw zeta on chirpa and youll win
  • My Ewoks are g12+ but I don’t believe that was the difference maker tbh. If ee gets killed out the gate start over.

    But if he survives go after chewy first but try to take away the translation buff from everyone. Once I did that and went after chewy and raid han it was over. 2-3 tries.

    The animation of them kneeling is pretty cool.
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