C3 help - just beating T5 is a nightmare


Those are my bears. I cant come remotely close to beating T5 let alone later tiers. I keep seeing threads where people are getting 7* C3PO with similar squads to mine (meaning no Wicket or Logray). I dont get it... Been playing since Dec '15 so should have had all the bears worked up better but it is what it is right now. I am fine moving more mods for better speed. I dont have a couple omegas that did not seem worth it. I have zetas I can spend but seemed a little ridiculous to require a zeta to get a 5* toon.

This event and Chewie have really turned me off on the game. I am 100% OK with hard or even difficult. When it is strictly an RNG fest unless you have a maxed out G12 super squad (and even then it can be difficult) then it just sucks the fun out of the game. I remember how hard the original GMY event was unless you got that magic last squad to face. Same with some others. But Chewie and C3 have just been a complete coin flip for winning or losing. Chewie took me literally hundreds of resets and tries just to get him at 6*. C3 is going past that already and I dont even have him unlocked.

Any suggestions other than farm Wicket and Logray and wait for next time? I'd seriously be happy to just to unlock right now.


  • I got him to 6* with that group but you will need zetas on Chirpa and Paploo and good mods.
  • Zeta Chirpa for the assists.
    Remod Scout to get the critical damage boost (swap EE and his Triangle). You want EE to be well guarded and protected for those revives.
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    And as much speed as you can get on elder, ya want his revives as often as possible. I beat t4 with non lvl 85 ewoks lol. Just high gear and good mods.
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    I was able to beat the 5* tier with the same line-up you have except I had Chirpa, Elder, and Teebo at G10 and Paploo and Scout at G9. I had the zeta on Chirpa's lead though and, as painful as that was to do, it does really help with the extra assists you get.

    I would definitely use loadouts and do some re-modding. I would put health primaries on Elder and drop the CD triangle as he doesn't do much damage anyway. Elder heals for 30% of his max health on his special so bumping up his health helps everyone. I would get a Speed set on Chirpa and get some health primaries on him. He's not a big damage dealer either....you want his two specials up as often as possible to get the mass assist and the buffs as often as possible. For Scout, as mentioned above, I would get a CD primary on the triangle slot...he's your main damage dealer and his kit is crit heavy....I'd also switch up his cross to an offense primary...his base health is so low that it's not even worth trying to boost it much, you'd rather have that extra offense on his attacks to down Chewie and Han quicker. As for Teebo, I'd try to get a speed arrow on him and then maybe switch up one of the other primaries from protection to health...you need him dispelling that Commando's taunt and controlling turn meter so more speed helps a lot with him. For Paploo, I'd get a speed set on him, an arrow with speed primary and swap one of the other protection primaries for a health one....he can't take a ton of damage in this event so it's hard to just pure "tank" it and he'll probably need to be revived at some point....his dispel on his basic is key to get rid of that Commando taunt though and he can also cleanse debuffs so you want him going as often as possible.

    The instinct is to mod for survivability but that opening salvo and the second one are so random and RNG-dependent that you can't really boost defense and protection enough anyway. Once protection is gone and you start healing and reviving Ewoks, protection stats will be useless...I think you're better off going with more health over protection due to the heals, revives and Chirpa's heal buff. I tried switching up and going more defense and protection heavy and it really made no difference in how well I survived the initial onslaught. More speed worked much better as I was able to attack and buff more often to down them quicker before those big attack chains fired off. I would just keep re-starting it until you get Chewie not under stealth with Elder still in good shape. Also, I would use Paploo's dispel to keep buffs off as many as possible...his basic doesn't do much damage so if your main target doesn't have any buffs and Paploo is up, then use his basic to dispel the buffs off one of the others if possible (i.e., if they aren't under stealth) to keep them from hitting as hard while you're grinding them down.
  • Thanks for the tips! I will give it a go again this evening.
  • My ewoks were gear 9 so give them your best mods.
  • I took about 15-20 tries on tier 5. Then I beat tiers 6 and 7 first try. It’s all RNG.
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  • Unfortunately, RNG has a lot to do with it. Even with Wicket and Logray I had to put the zeta on Chirpa just to get through tier 5. I had to add gear levels and move mods around to get the 7*, and that was mostly due to a good run where toons barely hung on so I could either heal or cleanse as well as getting revives from EE's cleanse instead of just his revive skill.
  • Appreciate the help. I moved more mods around and stuck a zeta on Chirpa. 5 tries later I beat T5. About 7 tries after that I beat T6!! I have no chance at T7, I did try a dozen times just to check it out and I need more gear. At least I can work on Logray and Wicket for next time.
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    Appreciate the help. I moved more mods around and stuck a zeta on Chirpa. 5 tries later I beat T5. About 7 tries after that I beat T6!! I have no chance at T7, I did try a dozen times just to check it out and I need more gear. At least I can work on Logray and Wicket for next time.

    Congrats! Glad you were able to get the 5* done and even get the 6*....nice work.
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