Best faction leaders/squads

At the current time I am a little light on diversity of squads. I run sith, Phoenix, bounty hunters, rebels and jedi. My question is what toons in each faction have the best leader skills to work on? I'm working on ewoks, empire, and nightsisters soon but I would like to know about reliable teams I can use for future territory battles and wars as well as grand arena


  • Juzz
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    Leaders on current Metagame (Not onky arena) are:
    FO: Kylo Ren Unmasked
    Resistance: Rey Jedi Training
    Scoundrels/ smugglers : Qira
    Rogue one: Jyn
    Rebels: CLS, Ackbar
    Jedi: Revan, Bastila
    Empire: Palpatine, Thrawn, Vader
    Imperial Troopers: Veers
    Droids: HK-47
    Ewoks: Chirpa
    NS: Talzin, Ventres
    Clones: Cody, Rex
    Very Mixed teams or many neutrals: Rex

    Teams are too many to mention
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  • Sith: Traya, Palpatine
    Hunters: Bossk
    Old Republic: Carth
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