Dear CG Santa

Dear CG Santa,

We have been a very good and loyal SWGH fan base this year. We have all spent many hours/days per week playing your great game, and some of us, myself included, have spent large sums of money to support the game and love all the efforts your team puts in to develop new characters and content. We ask CG Santa that this Xmas you show us some charitable Xmas spirit and deliver a bag of goodies under our trees and we promise to be good until Xmas next year. Tis’ the season to be giving afterall! Among our wishlist of goodies are:
1) Bring all of the legendary character events back for a one day long Xmas special!
2) Gift bag of Zeta mats!
3) Gift bag of Omega mats!
4) Gift bag of purple ability mats!
5) Gift bag of complete gold and purple gear!
6) Gift bag of ship ability mats!
7) Gift bag of ship building materials!
8) Bring back all of the store gear, ability mat, ship, and character packs for a one day long Xmas day special at a 80% discount!

Your loyal SWGH player/fan base


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