AI power

In almost ever battle I go into caracter's with way less power can do twice as much damage. For instance Luminary with 6* and less power can destroy my Luminary with 7* and way more power.


  • I have the same problem. Wish they would fix it as I am now getting beaten pretty much everywhere I want to play. GW starts with such high opponents I haven't won a match in two days and arena no matter how carefully I screen my opponents lower gear and star levels beat mine
  • I can only stay in the 300 to 500 area in arena and GW they really really need to fix that part of the game. I am getting tired of having to go into a fight with 7* maxed gear teams that can pretty much 1 hit me.
    But in arena I can screen a team that is weaker than I am but some how with Fasma on their team it seems ever attack gets a bonus attack even had some where one person hits me and then 2 people get a bonus attack.
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