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  • I finally got him 7* after about 10 tries or so. zzBossk (L), zDengar, zBoba, Greedo and Cad Bane. All G12, nicely modded, except Cad Bane - he's G11.

    I was able to take out Lando first, quickly - I was surprised actually. Then I juggled Chewie and Han with stuns from Cad and Dengar. Dengar got stealth off before R2 could hide everyone. Then I was able to manipulate Chewie TM with Greedo's special, and he went down. Then Han folded, then Leia, then R2 was nothing.
  • komji15 wrote: »

    Use Cad Bane instead of IG88.
    IG88 only triggers Han’s Counterattack including Chewie’s Assist.

    Cad Bane’s Stun can help you to make Chewie be quiet.

    No zeta needed.
    I gave zeta on Bossk Lead.
    But I use Boba lead w/ tons of potency by mods.

    Keep going. Then you’ll get 7-star cuty bear.

    +1 on Cad instead of IG88. IG88 is bad news in this battle. Cad’s stun that can go through foresight is clutch on Chewie and R2.

    This is almost exactly what I completed it with, except I used the zBossk lead and modded for protection instead of potency.

    One of the things I changed just before my last successful run was swap a tenacity cross onto Bossk in place of protection. I gave up 20k prot (76k to 56k) but brought my tenacity to 66%. All of the stuns that had been crushing him bounced right off, got taunt up, Boba execute on Chewie which brought me back to Bossk for Hunting Party and then Greedo finished him off. Smooth sailing from there.
  • tommyboy85 wrote: »
    I am convinced the difficulty of this event has been upped since the last time it was run. The squad I am using is:

    (L) zBossk, G12+
    Boba, G12+
    Dengar, G11
    Cad Bane, G11
    IG-88, G11

    I have probably tried the event at least 150 times, and have yet to bring down any enemies. I have seen videos of people unlocking 7 star Chewie with much less the last time around, which is why I didn't bother taking the rest to G12 or use any more zetas. I've tried the same strategies I've seen in these videos: aim for Chewie first, restart if Dengar doesn't go stealth, etc. etc.

    My only conclusion is the difficulty has been increased, and I also believe the extended run time of the event is because of this. I feel like this is possibly the worst thing Capital Games could have done. I had been really excited since the last event to gear up my bounty hunters and come in and crush the event, but the only thing that has been crushed is my desire to play the game.

    Does anyone else feel the difficulty has gone up, or do I just need to play the event ten thousand times to unlock the **** walking carpet?

    I'd ditch 88 for greedo. 88 just does an aoe and dies from counters. With decent rng, greedo can chain several attacks (modded for crit chance) and help you burn through chewie. And he can remove tm on his special. He adds much more than 88 to the team.
  • This team did the trick for me, only spent about an hour at it. Had an issue with Zam and Greedo dieing in the first wave, so added a bit more health/protection and speed and they did just fine. It's all about getting good rng at the start.

  • Got it on the 4th try with these goons, I thought they stepped down the difficulty significantly. mqe9pjcvtvqb.png
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    Presaria wrote: »
    Azazel61 wrote: »
    Just done 7* after approx 100 attempts with:

    ZBossk g12
    Cad g12
    Boba g11
    IG88 g11
    Greedo g11

    Used my arena mods so around 230-250 speed each toon. 80% Tenacity on Bossk.

    Kill order in the end was R2 > Lando > Chewie > Han > Leia

    Hate the event. Preloaded TM needs to go. The event is not “difficult”, it’s just plain stupid.

    Thanks for this post! I have same team but with zboba g12. Was about to give up but will keep going. Zzbossk is getting shredded - did you find that tenacity mobs actually made him a tank?

    Yeah tried changing to an “armour” set but he just gets perma stunned. So gave him 250 speed with high tenacity.

    Also, avoid any AOE moves as Han counters. Unless Bossk is near death and you need the health gain.
  • Used G12 zBossk (lead), g12 Boba, Dengar, Greedo, and zZam. I kept trying until Zam, Dengar, and Greedo survived and got dets to stick. That helped weaken them and get the contact up until Bossk got taunt and then they went to town.
  • TVF
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    So are we all agreed the event difficulty was not changed?

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  • I was able to beat final tier on my 6th attempt with the following squad:

    For the event I moved my mods with the best speed secondaries to my bounty hunters.
  • TVF wrote: »
    So are we all agreed the event difficulty was not changed?


    It kinda-sorta was, if people are trying to do the exact same thing as last time to fire off Bossk's payout. But in the ways that really matter, no, no it wasn't.
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  • NicWester wrote: »
    TVF wrote: »
    So are we all agreed the event difficulty was not changed?


    It kinda-sorta was, if people are trying to do the exact same thing as last time to fire off Bossk's payout. But in the ways that really matter, no, no it wasn't.

    But... R2 should no longer be cleansing when detonators go off so that should balance the Bossk change for those using Bossk and make it easier for those not using him.
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    I didnt have much trouble through 6* but now that my good characters are down to Boba, Bossk, and Aurra, and the rarity requirements suck, i have all my best mods on them and the furthest ive got is killing R2D2 and Lando, not being able to crit because of guard is murder and R2D2 stealthing is murderzxyxoluoxm77.jpg
  • I cleared 7* Tier on my first attempt with G12 zBossk, G12 Embo, G12 Jango, G12 Boba, And G12 Dengar with little trouble at all. To be honest, I wouldn’t have needed Bossk’s zeta with this team. Difference makers were Dengar blocking R2s stealth, Embo and Jango one or two shotting everyone. Imo relying on the other BHs like Bane, IG, Greedo or Zam would make the fight less predictable and more rng dependent due to the fact that they lack the same one/two hit kill potential that geared/modded Embo and Jango have.
  • TVF
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    It's almost as if just paying money doesn't guarantee success....
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    Difficult but not impossible.
    Focused mostly on speed and survivability (prot/health).
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