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    Just when you thought foxnet took the title of dumbest devs ever, you go ahead and do this....do you even care anymore or are you guys content with just phoning it in? This whale is now officially f2p. Congrats CG, you win....
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    But, but...I'm working on Dengar's BH quest. Zero TWs in December. And now there's a chance he may not be usable in the first of only 2 TWs for Jan?!?!?!?


  • Worst idea ever, i hate TW and this make it even worse, which i didn't even think was possible. Just stick to bonuses for characters and/or factions.
  • Maybe I overlooked it, but does this new TW apply to all guilds or just ones above a certain GP.
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    This has got to be one of the worst ideas to date. A lose-lose situation for the game. In a single stroke voting to remove characters could annoy both P2P and F2P players. People don't buy and gear up characters to then not be allowed to use them, while F2P players could have their counters removed and have no chance to win.

    TW is the only competitive guild event we have. It seems taking it in a 'playful and fun' direction is trying to solve a problem that doesn't exist.
  • Terrible idea. We have worked hard to build those teams. I don't mind extra bonuses, it's player choice to go for it or not. The poll thing will go other way around and force us to a path we don't want.
  • Is Trump running cg? Who are all these people who told you that it would be a good idea? Yeah I know there's a couple of people in here who will praise every crappy thing you do, but I want to see proof of all these people you talked to that told you this is a good idea.
  • While I appreciate the try at spicing it up, I think this is not a very good decision. While it would be interesting to shake up some teams with different toons(Like losing darth Nihilus in the traya team), outright losing an entire team because the leader is banned(Revan, Bossk, KRU) is going to be a really bad feeling because it has the potential to invalidate up to 5 toons, by just losing one leader. Maybe next time you do this do not include leaders.
  • Why do you care? The posting police on the forums are as bad as the game changes.
    I’d prefer to look at forums that contain a range of discussions, not page after page of the same discussion posted by people who don’t take the time to look before posting.
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    Come on guys... have you ever read ‘Who’s taken my cheese?’

    Stop moaning!

    Drop dead. You can't even get the name of the book correct but you feel like you can tell people what to feel and how to react?

    Glad I wasn't the only one to catch that.
  • Terrible, terrible idea. I don’t know what else to say. Just ignorant on CG’s part.
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    I don't like that we are voting with no idea which of the "dev pick" toons would be available..
    If my favorite team is Phoenix, and I vote for Hera to be included.. I'd seriously regret that if Ezra's group isn't chosen to be included.. I'd be stuck without the best dps for that team..
    That's a hypothetical, but you understand my meaning.. No matter what we pick, the devs choice could completely cripple what we picked
  • I'm willing to give it a shot guys. It'll make it interesting to be forced to use different characters in our teams.
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    Why do you care? The posting police on the forums are as bad as the game changes.
    I’d prefer to look at forums that contain a range of discussions, not page after page of the same discussion posted by people who don’t take the time to look before posting.

    This guy gets it! Just take it as constructive criticism and move on. Post your thoughts on it in the mega.
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    I think it's a fun change, it rewards/gives an advantage to the "collectors" who like to level and gear up every toon, i still think bonuses were a great idea, so hopefully they will get back to that by February

    Wait wait wait, if we give advantages to the collectors, are they barred from complaining about GA?

    I need a new message here. https://discord.gg/AmStGTH
  • Nooooooooooo!

    TW is the best part of this game. Please do not implement this **** idea. TW is the single event in the game that actually gets the entire guild involved.

    If you want to spice TW up then either make new map layouts and/or character bonuses.
  • @CG_SBCrumb how many days notice will we have on who banned prior to tw starting?
  • It really takes the enjoyment factor of playing certain squads away as well. I built and modded squads to work a certain way based off how YOU (the devs) created the characters and I’ve enjoyed mastering them, switching them up occasionally, and playing them. It’s fun playing with my FO with KRU lead. It’s not fun playing FO without him. The same can be said of nearly every character on that list. Im still in shock. Saying hey farm xyz character for HSR, GA, TB, but guess what, you can’t use itin TW? Maybe if it was 1-2 characters but not 28!
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    Ultra wrote: »

    Guys let’s ban these 4 groups of teams. Cant wait for the Tusken / murder bear meta

    Should move the middle circle over the CLS/KRU section, GMY doesn't do much without Bast (if they don't pick Bast) or Revan, NS already are losing Daka which makes them much easier to beat, Only strong one there that people have then is Sion. Over losing CLS lead, the entire FO faction, no Baze/Chirrut and no Dark Bast.
  • surprise surprise, why fear for the meta when we can be put on a one month TW sabbatical and come back and that which we worked gearing is now set aside.

    Great idea. Pulling pieces out of the meta is ALWAYS so much fun...

    It’s not like we invested time and effort and chose wisely instead of some dope who doesn’t have Raid Han zetad...

    You get there are other games, right?
    And this is how you push people towards them?

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