Guilds Looking For Mergers - December 2018 *** READ RULES IN FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING ***


  • DLO 88 80 mil gp looking for members

    Requirements are
    500-600 tickets daily, not gonna kick your doors down if a few short
    DISCORD is required
    Follow raid rules
    at least 1 mil gp

    Gp- 80 mil
    Members- 29
    Raid times 8pm haat 2 times a week (est time)
    9pm rancor heroic 2 times a week normally (est time)

    Territory battles 33 stars ls and 32 stars ds
    Terrify Wars depends on amount who join

    Server: order 88
    DM me on here or message me on discord

    Thank you
  • Guild Jediy Mc Jedifaces is looking to fill 14 slots with active players, around 2 mill+ GP preferred. We are currently doing hpit (12:00 AM UTC), haat(1:00 AM UTC), and T6 (ASAP) sith. Currently we are at 89M GP, looking to be about 115 Mill once spots are filled. If you have some active players in your guild that are looking to merge, we would be more than happy to take them in!

    Our goal is to recruit enough new members to start doing hSith. We mainly are looking for players with good JTR teams, Nightsisters and any P3/P4 teams that put out decent damage.

    Guild members are easy going adults with no filter. We do not require you to get your max tickets / guild dailies done, but we do look for active participation in TW, TB and raids. We want to maximize rewards for acitivtes but not make you feel like you are a enslaved to the game.

    We do have a discord server ( we do not require members to join but it is HIGHLY encouraged you do. We have bots built in to help build teams needed for various activites.

    If you want to join, send me a discord message (dakipmyster#5037), or search in game for the guild Jediy Mc Jedifaces. We will be reviewing your roster to make sure you have what we are looking for.
  • Can make room for 30+ members272zhldf1fg7.jpeg

    From beginner to advanced, end game raider or PVP titan, Houses of the Rebellion is the family for you!
    House Korriban, the newest heroic Sith guild for Houses of the Rebellion, is now excepting members!
    House of Sin is a 170+ mgp Heroic STR guild that is looking to recruit quality players. Our guild family (Houses of the Rebellion) is made of 4 HSTR guilds and 1 additional Heroic Rancor/AAT guild, with its own Slack and Discord servers. This 250+ member community has developed over years and has a long track record of success, with members who are mature, respectful, and serious about the game.

    Why join The Rebellion?
    Organized leadership with an understanding of the heroic Sith Triumvirate Raid, TB, TW and the coordination necessary to be successful

    HSTR (4 guilds) - ON FARM (with a concise plan to expand wins to more guilds)

    44 stars in LS TB and 46 in DS TB

    A mature player base that loves the game and loves Star Wars.

    Serious and competitive players that push hard to get more out of their rosters, their arena shards, and their guild

    What we're looking for:

    Focused players that like an organized guild and a hardcore playstyle. Must be able to follow simple instructions.
    600 raid tix/day
    2.5M+ GP 32+ g11/12 toons
    JTR (with p1 HST squad)
    TB Heroes (CHS 5 star, HRScout 6 star, HRSoldier 5 star, Veers 5 star, Starck 5 star) account

    If you are looking for a family that will push for that next level, Houses of the Rebellion is that family! If you meet the requirements please Message us directly and make sure to include your link!
    House of Sin:
    TW focused players with pvp based roster
    Guild reset is at 6:30p est, and we raid every day at 3p est so our members in Europe and Asia can participate.

    Message me on FB or
    SinisterOi#9082 (Discord)
  • ▶▶▶ DESTRUCTION ZONE is looking for merge!

    Destruction Zone is an active, semi-relaxed guild that has currently 7 slots to fill. We're looking for a small guild / group of people, that just like us wants to push things to another level, but nothing too hardcore. We're committed, cooperative and always aiming to improve. Please PM me if you're interested!


    What we're looking for :
    • Active members, that want to enjoy game in a good environment.
    • We require full 600 energy/day +participation in every guild event.
    • This ad is for small groups who would want to join us. We're happy to discuss the terms of this merge.
    • We can't offer discord communication, we only use slack, so a general communication through guild chat is enough and requested.
    • We're based in the UK, so similar time zone would be ideal.
    • Patience! Give us just a little time to respond (we'll reply within the same day anyway!) :)


    We're offering:
    • Good environment in a group of friends
    • Helpful, cooperative team
    • Slack chat if you're willing to get to know us!
    • Spaces in our leadership (though it's usually 1 officer space per 10 members)


    • Guild GP: 75,237,957
    • Active players who complete daily activities, spend 600 energy/day and participate in all guild events are welcome.
    • Player ID of a recruiter: Chris MacKenzie (ally code: 885-762-881)
    • We have a slack team chat - if you're willing to join please leave your email!
    • Daily guild activity reset at 6:30 PM UTC
    • Rancor Heroic twice a week, set on auto lunch and blocked for 1d so everyone can join before the raid starts
    • The Sith Triumvirate Tier V and VI once or twice a week
    • Tank Takedown Heroic once or twice a week
    • We're looking for people who are committed and who are not planning to stop playing any time soon. We want to grow as a team, be cooperative and supportive. Slack communication isn't required, but staying up to date with our guild chat in game is (you don't need to take part in any discussion, as long as you read our posts and act accordingly to our requests). If you think we're the guild you're looking for, we'll be happy to have you

    Ewokin Rangers

    Looking for a group of 15 active players that are working towards HSTR.

    Current Raids:
    Heroic Rancor
    Heroic Tank
    STR T6

  • Hi,
    Our guild is 36 strong and looking to take on new members. WE ARE NOT A FARM GUILD! and will not put up with that junk. We want to pick up new members that are cool and want to stick around.
    We are not part of an alliance and are not interested.
    We are looking to grow as a team and help each other achieve better stats.
    We are CASUAL and drama free. However looking for daily players to achieve goals.
    We want to qualify for every T-War and start crushing Heroic Sith. We need help to do so.
    We are mostly high level players and want the same OR those striving to get there.
    If this sounds like your jam lets chat and bring you/your crew on.
    ps, we are US based but that doesn't really matter. if you are rad and want to roll with a cool, mellow crew hit me up.
  • WE ARE...

    Ewokolypse CSG
    Casual Starter Guild



    A new or existing enthusastic player who wants to grow your roster strong within the Ewokolypse Empire.


    A veteran or endgame player who wants to be placed into one of our many HSTH, high GP guilds.

    All rosters and levels welcome !!!

    Wanting to join a fun and knowledgable group of players.


    - Beginer & Advanced Strategy in all game aspects

    - Roster evaluation & farming advice

    - Potential placement in one of our HSTH, HPIT, or HAAT guilds.

    - And more...


    - 600 tix daily preffered

    - Participation in raids, TBs, and TW is highly encouraged

    - Bring 1, bring a group, all are welcome in CSG

    - Leadership positions available if bringing a large group or merger.


    In game chat: 665-777-517 (my alt)

    On LINE id: maxdcm85

    On Discord: Maxxximus#8209

  • AlteredCarbon
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    110m GP UK-time zone guild with 39 members (2.8m GP average). We are hSTR-ready (vast majority have RJT plus decent P2/3 squads) but lack the numbers to get over the heroic line.

    We are a friendly bunch with only a few rules and a requirement to communicate. We are looking for 11 new members or a merger with another UK or EU time zone guild with similar average GP and hSTR aspirations.

    Ping me on discord (AlteredCarbonite#0556) or here if interested.
  • I Bent My Wookiee - (IBMW)

    Day 1 guild with a good community that needs about 10 active players who are heavy hitters to help us finish Heroic Sith. Check us out if your Wookiee’s are big enough

    - 125M+ GP / 2.5M+ GP Average
    - 2 HPIT & 2 HAAT per week
    - HSTR Phase 4 - December 2018
    - 41 TW wins
    - 37 stars in TB

    ~2.0+ GP
    - Discord
    - profile
    - Guild event participation
    ~600 tickets a day

    For more information or to sign up DM me or join our Discord server.

    We look forward to hearing from you!

    Ewokin Rangers

    Looking for a group of 15 -20 active players that are working towards HSTR.

    Current Raids:
    Heroic Rancor
    Heroic Tank
    STR T6
  • Would you be interesting in joining us?
    Chairborne Rangers (currently 54m GP with 37/50 people) want you to join us.
    We are active guild looking for active players.
    I am the leader of this guild and I am in EST but we have people from East to West Coast and we rotate the raids' times between EST and PST.
    We are doing HPIT & HAAT 2 or 3 times a week.
    We are doing tier 6 for Sith.
    We get about mid 20s in TBs
    We won 90% of TWs
    Requirements are to stay active, I track players with Daily Guild Activities and TWs/TBs
    Player's level should be in the 80s (can accept lower).
    Contact me if you have any questions.
  • hello,
    i am looking for merge
    Greek Siths Empire
    47mil gp - 27/50 members
    we are a guild based in greece with 27 active players and looking for 20-25 new members

    current activities hpit, haat, sith 6*

    i need active members

    find me at BlackBomb(orion) #5936
  • Andur_Sunrider1
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    Cloud City Elite is recruiting!

    We are an active, casual guild that can merge up to 10 people.

    No requirements. No daily minimums. No discord.

    We value loyalty and participation.
    30 day kick is the only rule.

    GP 57M Hpit/ Haat/ Sith 4

    My ally code is 183-939-275

    Be a part of a laid back, family atmosphere!
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  • Tyred of recruiting Members?

    You might consider a merge with the Guild-Family FIST. (We're not an alliance!!)

    Right now FISt got 3 Squads, each squad covers different needs and aspects of the game.

    Our Elite Squad G0 is currently at 118 mil Gm 48/50 Members, 38/40 Stars in TW - G0 is on the edge of clearing HSTR - asking for 600 Tickets per day and TW/Hstr Team farming.

    Following G1 with 70 Mil GM - asking for 500 Tickets per day.

    And last but not least G2 with around 60 mil GM - asking for 400 Tickets per day.

    All our Squads got Hpit/HAAT/T6 Sith on Farm - right now were looking to absorb a smaller Guild to fill our different Squads and kick the HSTR. We provide a well organized Leadership and a helpfull discord Server with a great community. We can promise all of your members a huge improvement in Raids/Territory battles and Territory Wars.

    So stop the players search - and merge with us ;)

    May the force be with you.

  • Gama_Fox
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    Slowly working towards HSTR!

    Kashyyyk's Forgotten is looking for a small group of players (4-6) who share the same goal as us, which is of course completing the HSTR. As it stands right now we are about 2-3 months away from completing this, and with a more focused roster we shouldn't have any troubles achieving this goal.

    A bit about us:
    -We have 47 members with a combined GP of 112m.
    -We run heroic rancor/tank with 6pm pacific standard start times
    -We achieve 36*/38* in LS/DS TB respectively along with 16 IPD and 60 ROLO shards
    -Discord and active participation across all areas of the game are expected.

    (We make an effort to be a casual yet engaged guild and as such we require a minimum of 300 tickets/day, though 600 is appreciated).

    What exactly are we looking for?
    -Roughly 4-6 members with a GP of approximately 2m or above who wish to be in a guild that wants to be completing the HSTR in the near future.

    If you or your group is interested feel free to message me on discord. My discord ID is: Gama Fox#2223

    Hope to see you soon!
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  • chrispyapple25
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    Hey hey the Forgotten Wookys are looking for a merge, up to 10 people.
    We have a GP of 106 million.
    We're completing hpit haat 2/3 times a week t6 sith in three days. Working hard to complete heroic.
    500+ tickets
    TB,tw, and sith raid are mandatory.
    We're looking for people willing to farm sith raid specific squads and watch YouTube videos on how to do the most damage.
    To some people this feels like a job. Those are not the people we're looking for.we are addicted to the game and want to get the most out of it. We would like to have like minded individuals.
    We use line lite for chat and are on all day.
    We're great at donating the gear you need
    And giving advice to help you grow. Must have GP of 1.6 million. Jtr highly recommend.for more information message me here or on line lite I'm chrispy30 on line.
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  • CeeBeeZee
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    Casual to active players needed, we run Heroic Tank and Rancor
    Currently we run Sith raid tier 5, we need you to help us make the jump to tier 6!

    We have 13 open spots

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  • Jakku looking for 13 players to come join us, we have been doing heroic sith with help of mercs , but want to start farming it ourselves, with the 13 that join we will be farming it easy. So if your looking for you and friends to start farming heroic sith , come get in touch
  • Return of the LostJedi has 25 open slots and is looking for mid tier players who want to begin working towards HSTR and doing well in Territory Wars.

    We are a group of guys that just left our former guild as all the officers were inactive and we want to create a guild that is committed to the game but also enjoys Star Wars and other guild members.

    Rancor: Twice a week, 24 hour join period then limits to let players without 7* Han get the most shards.

    Tank: Will be Heroic after merger.

    Sith: Tier 4 with our 20 current players, easily tier 5 after, maybe even 6.

    Territory Battles: Currently around 18-20 stars, but with only 20 members.

    Territory Wars: In former guild won 75% of wars.

    GP: ~23 million

    Time Zone: Various USA

    Discord: suggested but not required

    WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR: Anybody who is willing to the cause and is active in TW and wants to work towards HSTR


    ALLY CODE: 664-831-691

    Discord: JBartee97#5489

    May the Schwartz be with you!
  • Hstr farm looking for 4 small group
    -Primal Alliance
    -Uk based
    -1/3 of the guild is US based (mostly East Coast)
    -49/50 active members (5 spot available)
    -GP 118 mil
    -All Raids have 24 zero damage period
    -Heroic Rancor raid 3 times a week
    -HAAT 2 times a week
    -Raid times in est is (2 and 5 pm)
    -TB 34* ls/ds
    -Territory Wars, very focused and great team ethic, with good strategy
    -Discord: frtpskn#0937
    What we are looking for:
    -JTR team or at least 2 HSTR ready teams. is must
    -Like minded players looking to join a guild and grow together
    -GP over 2mil
    -People who are willing to communicate
    If you are interested please get in touch or if you have any questions feel free to ask.

    LØFÂ Play 60
    99.3 Mill GP

    LØFÂ Play 60 is looking for 9 good men, women, and wookiees! (Rodian refugees accepted on a case to case basis) We are asking for 2.2M+ GP Heroic players dedicated as us & willing to work on all aspects of the game. We are currently 41/50 member's. We just lost 9 Players due to better Raid times due to them been from overseas. We was running all Heroic Raids before this & hope to find 9 Heroic Players equal or stronger than we lost. We are a very fun Guild with no drama & just love the game, but expect everyone to pull their own weight or those who don’t can go to a casual Guild in the Alliance

    If at any time member's seek more casual, they can be moved to avoid being booted if rules are broken.

    40 LS TB stars
    41 DS TB stars

    Major bonus points if you are a fan of long talks about pets or food on discord.


    1. 600 Tickets
    2. Discord Mandatory
    3. Registered
    4. 24 Hr Zero Damage on raids, except sith raid.
    5. 100% Communication & Participation In TB & TW
    6. JTR and nightsister g11+ teams preferred.

    Rancor rotates 3pm and 10pm eastern USA
    Tank rotates 3pm and 9pm eastern USA

    Please contact me through PM or either Discord Leader

    LØFÂ Alliance Leader
    Legiøn Øf Fêar#9639

    Guild leader
  • Imperial Snipe Force is looking for new members and smaller guilds to merge into us. We are an active guild, running heroic raids. We ask that you complete daily tasks to help get those raid tickets. We support each and have planets of long time players and advice to share.

    You can message me here or my ally code is 383-913-895

    Revans Remnant
    92.9 million
    Looking for 10!

    Looking for people who are or are close to HSTR ready.

    We run hPit and hAAT 2-3 time per week and T6 Sith twice a week at the moment.
    Never missed a TW for lack of participation.
    30+* in LSTB & DSTB

    We are a USA based guild but also have multiple international players in our Guild. Heroic raids running at 8 PM EST. Tier 6 Sith raid on auto launch.

    Guild requirements:
    1. Active contributor to all Guild events.
    2. Active daily to help generate raid tickets.
    3. Discord mandatory

    Contact me for any questions, either here or in game (438-658-111).
  • Greggaeman
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    Hi all!
    French version below
    Guild name : TEHS
    My guild mate and me are looking for 10 players. Nevermind the level, we want active players. We are a French guild but we accept any international players. We are using telegram but you don't have to use it if you don't want, in game Tchat is OK.
    Our guild is about 100M GP. Most of the guild mate are with us for more than one year, so it is a stable guild.
    We are playing heroic rancor and Haat and 6* Str.
    The goal is to progress together to be able to beat the hstr soon.
    We are able to do about 29* in lstb and dstb.
    We have 33 wins in tw and did not miss any of them.
    We don't have any rules for heroic raids since we have a one day waiting time.
    Contact me here or in game 589-916-424

    French version :
    LA tehs est une guilde francophone sans prise de tête. Nous recherchons une petite guilde de 10 joueurs pour fusionner. On utilise l'appli telegram pour communiquer mais le Tchat du jeu suffit généralement.
    Nous atteignons les 100M en puissance galactique. La plupart des membres sont avec nous depuis au moins un an, nous sommes donc une guilde stable.
    On joue le rancor et le tank en héroïque et le raid sith en 6*.
    Le but de cette demande est de pouvoir faire le raid sith en héroïque le plus tôt possible.
    Nous faisons autour de 29* dans les batailles de territoire côte lumineux et obscur.
    Nous avons 33 vixtoire en guerre de territoire sans jamais en avoir manqué une.
    Il n'y a pas de règles particulière dans les raids car nous parametrons 24h d'attente avant le début du raid.
    Contactez moi ici ou dans le jeu. 589-916-424
  • bsmith0724
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    Ok, recruiting for guild Dankobah, here's the numbers and such.

    32 members, 27.5 million total Galactic Power.
    11-13 stars DS/LS TB. Decent in TW. HPit, tier 4/5 sith, tier 5/6 AAT, with 95% participation from members. Open join, just search Dankobah in the guild search in game. Not strict on anything except play at least a few times a week, participate in guild stuff, just basically play and communicate. We have a Discord server with bots and helpful chat sections within it. Using discord is encouraged but not required. We communicate daily, organize TW/TB strategies, share helpful information, give advice, and I think the only actual requirement is to be at least level 65.

    We would also be willing to absorb a small guild into ours, so PM me to discuss that, or PM me to arrange joining our Discord server to discuss it.

  • Inglorious Blasters Tempered is looking for up to 8 people to fill the spots of some recent non participants. We have begun completing heroic Sith and losing some excess baggage will help us put this on easy farm mode. Must have JTR/NS/Chex or equivalent squads. Will make exceptions for a few members if coming in a package deal. We are semi casual but stress participation whenever available. Currently 85% win rate in TW, DS TB at 38*, LS TB at 37*. 140 mil GP, EST timezone with 6pm raids. Part of the Tempered alliance, discord recommended. Hit me up here or on Discord MR37HAT#8165. Cheers!
    "ooba... ooba"
  • We are a active and frindly guild(109M GP) that looks for new players. you must be daily active and meet our requirments. we have a good group that can help you get stronger and give good advice to you. most members are US and a few europe. contact us and maybe we are the perfect guild for you

    We have place for 11 new members. if you are a small guild and want to be oart of somthing bigger, contact us.

    38wins in TW
    35+ stars in TB
    in effort to launch Heroic Sith Raid.
    Heroic HAAT
    - 2M GP
    - TW/TB/Sith Raid Participation
    - Min. of 600 RT per day
    - Register on the SWGoH Website
    - Join Discord.(endret)
  • We are the Green Pheonix Squadron looking for a small guild to merge
    We are an Australian based guild, with a few in the US
    We are sitting at 95M GP power with space for for 7-8 new members
    Guild requirements are:
    -Must have discord
    -Minimum 400 tickets per day
    -Have 1 mil GP power
    -Participate in all guild events
    -Notify if you will be absent
    About our guild:
    -We gain about 31 stars in both Light and Dark TB
    -We win about 2/3's of TW
    -We run HPit every 2 days and HAAT every 3 days at 9pm gmt+10 and 10pm gmt+10 (5am US Central and 6am US Central)
    -We run Tier VI, but look to start HSR somewhere early this year

    PM if interested
  • Join forces with the Return of the SITHerins

    Are you an individual or group seeking a new guild?

    Come check out the Sitherins, we are what you are looking for!

    Participation and communication are a must, So Discord and is mandatory.

    Looking for level 85+ and GP is semi open as long as you are a very active player, and have the roster to back it up. A good Roster is more important then a high GP.

    All raids are in EST usually 8pm EST launch depending on tickets. HPIT and HAAT have a 24-hour joining phase then FFA. HPIT and HAAT are pretty automatic with us. We've dabbled in HSTR, but right now are running a few tier 6 raids a week.

    Our guild is what you are looking for! We are like a family.

    We've recently had a few members move to a partner guild so we have about 10/15 spots open! We're at 82 mil GP/ We do not push farming requirements (but nice if you farm the right ones on your own) or 600 tickets a day on people (but nice when they get them) seeing it means MORE Raids.

    We do require participation in all PHASES of TB and TWs, and all raids unless notice of your absence is given ahead of time. We are an experienced guild wanting to help build the next player/players into HSith and beyond. We are very active on Discord and in-game.

    Please PM me if you're interested in joining/merging!
  • eh8fugxlt3ai.jpg

    What's up SWGOH fans? The Hive of Scum and Villainy is actively recruiting for a progression guild to merge with our alliance. If you are an independent guild looking for 10 or more players, why keep grinding and recruiting for a revolving door of players? Let us help!

    We have an incredibly organized Discord with experienced leaders, offering game strategy, advice, and fun for players at all levels. Stop losing your high GP players to other HSTR guilds, or forcing your lower GP players to unrealistic ticket or farm requirements.

    Drop me a line here or hit me on Discord at Falkon (AO)#0625. Thanks and happy gaming!
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