New Clue!


  • Not my server but this is from a few pages back. Credit to the original poster
    sigsig wrote: »
    We have a good sized group on Discord working on it if anyone wants to join

  • Nice job cg with every block containing a g also containing a c
  • Thinking the first 3 letters/numbers indicate a node in either cantina, dark side or light side battles
  • My guess:
    Everything y'all say as a group they will do just because you seem excited about it
  • We seem to need a certain letter of different characters names in relation to their node, whether it's the reward or the boss
  • I'm guessing, hoping really, it's gonna end up being coordinates to dagobah and this is Jedi Luke haha.

    If its the OT Falcon it'll pass my time til JL 😉
  • The current thought is you get a letter from each block. The location of the node before the x gives you a character and the number after tells you which letter of their name you need
  • MolTarnuk wrote: »
    The current thought is you get a letter from each block. The location of the node before the x gives you a character and the number after tells you which letter of their name you need
    Yeah, that's looking good. I just checked a couple of the very high end-numbers, and they scan to valid letters in very long character names. I think y'all have got this.
  • Exar_K2000
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    Basically we are doing research and references based on Cantina light side or dark side nodes given by the text before the x.
    Can we get a confirmation from devs that the cipher is made and worked only in the English version of game ? Characters names are important?
  • So we ended up with a grid and characters names in it. Go for word search now
  • We've got a word search, the more the merrier. Hopefully this works, otherwise I'll send a pic just

    idhtre LawykseKulCKSlygraoraF
    EdRxiBocoAkcnuar OHrSxamsliTr
    eeTniMeobolasr ynhieauaiadnia
    DeUm euRhner xJomfmdeDengarrv
    areklawy soikanaarwniLCeywVei
  • Yeah, that strategy is starting to look more difficult. [letter-1][number-1][letter-2] looks like it does successfully identify a cantina node, LS hard node, or DS hard node; and [number-2] looks like it is uniformly less than the number of characters in the associated toon name. But when I play around with this, I'm getting gibberish---so either I'm getting new cyphertext or I'm doing it wrong. (Working with English version of the game.)
  • Mike10003
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    Extracting the letter from each cantina/LS/DS node has created a 29x29 word search where many names are currently being found. Some of the lines did not create a letter, and thus there are some blanks
  • Rich_707 wrote: »
    Is that jar jar binks down at the bottom lol

    Yes it is! LOL

  • Comet19
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    I see Sabine Wren two lines above Jar Jar. Not highlighted on Google doc yet. And Maz Kanata four lines above that.
  • Also near the bottom: Owen Lars and Bistan (both going backwards)
  • Line 15 Salacious BCrumb
  • Plo koon line 5
  • Cassian andor (starting r2 down)
  • F column: Leia Organa, starting on first line.
  • Dengar 11 from bottom, plokoon 5 from top, salacious b crumb 15 from bottom
  • Franimus
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    Chirrut column s, starting line 11 and down
    Aurra sing column 1 near the top
    I bet once we find all the names, the leftovers will be the reveal. No way something with Owen Lars is happening.
  • Ben solo backward line 13
    Han Solo backward line 16
  • Admiral Thrawn, line 1 starting at column T going backwards.
  • Shigan
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    Darth bane going up 15-AB

    There's a (messy) search going on here if you can find something, colour it in.
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