Christmas gift

I’m not a new player and I don’t really have a complaint, I’ve loved this game and have had this game for years and it’s the only one I’ve played for so long. Now, I think it was last year or the year before that that I have received a christmas or New Years gift from you of about 20 zetas and other neat gifts this year however I was not given anything and I was actually looking forward to it and my fiancé knew about my excitement but alas nothing was given. It’s fine I’m still not complaining, I am now a guild leader and if somehow someone of importance or someone who cares reads this, all I ask is for maybe some help to the new comers in my guild and possibly the game itself so we can motivate them to keep playing and maybe in return grow your clientele. I guess I’m finished with my long story and if anyone cares and has read this whole story, thank you for reading


  • I felt like the string of so many events run all at once that week was the present. I had 3k worth of shard currency the day after Christmas. So, Thanks!
    Officer in Ewoks Fit In Blenders. Traya, Wat & Negotiator on farm. PM to join us.
  • I’m glad. I hope everyone got something though
  • They don’t do Christmas gifts, you are mistaken, you are thinking of the second year anniversary gifts it seems
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