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    I love finding out there will be un update from a pop up than from the official forum... things always upside down in this game

    People on the forum complained and asked for an in-game notification for updates... so CG listened to the forum post & put in an in game notification. Now we’re upset again? Which one is it?

    i think people are more expecting a regular business not amateur hour. most games when they have in game notifications about update there are release notes for the update available. i think people want both. a note in game and then something on here to tell us what we are actually getting.

    these dead links and non-connections are not good for social media representation and thats why you see alot of frustration. this game has gotten to be comical almost because the poor execution and communication
  • I would prefer a reverse counter, "update in X hours Y minutes". Pacific time means nothing to me.
  • At least on the messages... nothing really relevant... Bombarder is F2P and Juhani and Carth are moved to chromiums
  • I would prefer a reverse counter, "update in X hours Y minutes". Pacific time means nothing to me.

    I agree with this.
    I know how to work out Pacific Time from my own time zone but the assumption that everyone does is no where near accurate. A count down timer would be much better for a world wide game,
  • I, for one, don't like when they say 2.15 and it doesn't come. We're in the middle of a Sith raid, and I'm afraid to attack and lose my progress. The others in my Guild don't seem to care tho...
  • Juhani and Carth in shipments/chromiums and B-28 bomber in LS 6C
  • Ultra
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    Oh look a content update on the forums. If only people were a bit more patient before lighting the pitchforks
  • C3P0 was nerfed
  • Yeah so no OR farmable yet. And nit buying chromium on the hopes that you get one there. So the update was a big nothing for the most part.
  • TVF
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    C3P0 was nerfed

    Um...where do you see that?

    EDIT: I'm sure I fell for someone posting speculation as fact again.
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    Too much excitement
    Be ready for the 80 Euro ultimate bundle
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