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    Definitely not in favor of this TW... please CG don’t run this type again. Horrible that we can't use characters we have invested time and real money in
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  • Feels like they removed all the toons/ teams that require special thought and strategy... I worry this TW will be a collection of random teams that don't require more than a higher gear levelled team to counter.

    That does kind of level the playing field a bit, but it also sounds kind of... boring. Like... Territory Wars: Galactic War nodes style!
  • This is so ridiculous. Revan, traya, NS, and Imperial Troopers are the main 4 I enjoy playing. Thanks for eliminating literally the only teams I enjoy in TW. This will really be a blast. Good job!
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    No reason to go into why this is a terrible idea. Why? Because there is 60 pages of people in the other mega laying it out.

    Gotta say. Im kitten tired (no I'm not kittening it myself this time RJ) of you guys completely ignoring what us players say and want.

    97% of those 60 pages were negative reactions. Keep your thanks for our feedback. You obviously don't care about it.
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  • Wow, all my 7 best TW teams got ripped apart, as well as my best plug and play toon. Sure feeling the fun.
  • So ridiculously stupid.
  • Totally tone deaf. I'll be sitting this one out.
  • Yeah take out half of ns, first order, some bh, treya and nihilus, revan... I’m so glad you developers listened to our feedback of liking the bonus’s, got drunk.. puked up this garbage, and then gave us the “exciting conclusion” next tw are we only getting to use characters without vowels in the name? 👍
  • Do NOT claim that "we the community" chose this. This is NOT tw "community style". It is TW "forced by out of touch decsion makers style". Don't pretend otherwise. The disingenuousness is palpable.
  • Paying attention to feed back ???? Which one ????
  • Literally no one is happy nor excited. This is only "fun and playful" for masochists.
  • I worry that they are doing this kind of thing to keep the game 'fresh'... Which is a problem because the only way to actually keep a game fresh is with new and engaging gameplay. Not crippling existing content.
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    lmao they closed the mega thread for Territory Wars 😂 😂

    That was me, figured you could use the two new threads to continue ;)
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    My 4 best teams are, in this order: droids BH troopers and FO. Now they have banned HK (Making my droid team useless), Dengar, IG-88, Starck, Deathtrooper, FO stormtrooper and FO officer. I would boycott the next TW, but I wouldn’t be able to participate either way, because I would not be able to field a single proper team. And they closed the last thread without even giving a proper response to the almost 60 pages of complaints.
  • deleted comment....
  • Hey devs congratz to kill the fun in the TW
  • How fun is it to spend on squads for territory wars, as that is my guilds main focus, only to have half of the teams cut in half, i have spent a lot of time and money on these squads and it makes me rethink whether I've wasted my time on this game @CG_SBCrumb give us the community what we want our old territory wars back
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    Hi Holotable Heroes,
    Thank you for all your feedback on the event.

    To which you completely ignored. I want to use the roster that i have worked so hard to build. Not some half baked **** idea you came up while huffing on glue.
    Over 60 pages of people all saying the same. This is a terrible idea. And you have the nerve to say that. What a slap in the face to the player base.
  • I won’t even waste my breath in typing a logical argument here because clearly the devs don’t read or care what we have to say. Epically horrible customer interaction. You don’t even give us the time of day to address what is so obviously a big portion of the player base who were adamantly against this idea? Instead you throw out hollow thanks for the feedback????? Are you serious right now?
  • Glad to see you guys really took the time to read and consider the overwhelming amount of feedback the community gave about how much this idea was hated.....

    Oh wait, you did the exact opposite of that...
  • sho
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    You are doing a great job of killing all the fun at that game mode.
    Congratulate yourself on such a brilliant idea and go to sleep proud of yourself and your doing. You should, i mean who cares about the big portion of the player base hating this tw update and boycoting it to the maximum.
    Maybe you should rename it to DevTw...also would be another "brilliant" idea similar to the one you had 👎
  • Lame. Does anyone actually like this
  • Thanks god u listened the reaction of community. Awesome job
  • 8e58b4g4cvlf.jpg

    We can't fill all the zones but we can get enough.
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    lmao they closed the mega thread for Territory Wars 😂 😂

    That was me, figured you could use the two new threads to continue ;)

    Also I noticed the entire thread is gone. Spells a rather bad image if you ask me. (nothing personal but this is an observation)

    Thread is still there in the announced threads at the top of general.
  • I think they just want people to stop playing
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