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  • To quote myself:

    This was an awful idea. Truly disgusting.
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    Please keep comments within the TOS (That means no profanity, no refund/compensation requests, no closing wallet posts, no boycotts or encouraging people not to play the game, no EA/DEV/CG/MOD bashing, no sexual references). Posts that violate will be edited or removed by mods. If you need to review what the rules are, I have posted the links below:

    Thanks for the reminder. We needed a reminder on this. It really helps to address the issue at hand

    firefighters dont put out fires they just tell you where the fire extinguisher is inside the building thats already on fire. thats what was just done here lol.
  • Everyone, step back and walk away. This is not worth getting banned over. It's done.
  • Also, when you read the original thread by @CG_SBCrumb it is clear that CG didn't follow their own rules/instructions. Crumb said the devs would pick one group of the 4 to KEEP. Instead they picked 1 group to EXCLUDE, and kept the other 3. Is that supposed to be some kind of comromise or just a demonstration that CG can't read? Because that misses the whole point if it was supposed to be a compromise.
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    I’m done trying to pretend that CG cares at all about what the community thinks. This is the worst thing they have done since the failed Deathstorm nerf that ruined Nightsisters.
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  • What a surprise what toons were supposedly voted on, since voting wasn't public does anyone really think this wasn't gonna be the result?
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    The point Sunnie was making was to keep it within the guidelines so your feedback stays on the forum. I myself am not a huge fan of this TW style, and understand the frustration.

    Keep the feedback coming, just need to be sure it's constructive and within TOS.
  • REDDIT is not happy

    I can only imagine the uncensored hilarity that is ensuing on the swgoh sub reddit.
  • My guild is discussing taking 2nd place rewards. Trying to find funny teams to place on defense is more fun than playing with a handicapped roster.

    We did this once a few months ago. Our guild loved it. Everyone was really burnt out on TW and so we just decided to have fun with it.
  • A TW created by "YOU" (meaning us) couldn't be further from the truth. Providing information out of context is so 2016.
    Lets get one thing straight.
    You, not us created this tw. Very few of us voted from what i have heard talking with my guild mates and from numerous other guilds we talk with. When this fails miserably like a lot of your other old content, the blame is on you.
    Accept it. Learn from your failures. You can't take toys away. You can change them short term, but don't take them away. Didn't your mama teach you that.
    That's fine. We as a community are used to you failing. We forgive you. Most of the game is moderately entertaining compared to reading my wife's magazines while i drop my kids off at the pool.;)
    Just wanted to make that clear. Keep up the decent work.
  • I find it it such a great idea to ask the community (vastly composed off f2p casual players) to vote on toons to be removed. Very shocking that all the biggest meta they so frustrated to not be able to get are excluded. I’m sure the p2p player base (which immpart of) is very pleased with the idea of spending several hundreds and thousand dollars on a game and not be able to use the toons they got with that money. We all feel very encouraged to engross this game /company revenues even more now....
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  • I can’t tell you how disappointed I am with the new “fun” way you’ve decided to make TW. How can I ever purchase a toon with confidence any more? You’re setting a precedent that any toon I may rapidly farm, pay for, or used extra crystals to gear up for any game format can be taken away at the vote of a community or internal decision. This has, in my opinion, demoralized consumer confidence and will hurt your bottom line. I myself will think twice before buying packs, or crystals to expedite farming in fear of money wasted that CG will allow them to be removed from any future events. It does not make it fun. It’s a slap in the face to the player base that pays your salaries. Nothing more.
  • Nice. Each of these banned sets contains at least one character I’d spent the last couple of weeks gearing up for TW.
  • Oh they finally made an in game communication.... lmao
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    Nothing positive to say about this. I hope CG gets some good business intelligence from this experiment but never repeats it again. Let's learn from this please, so it wasn't just a bad faith exercise to ostracize and create distrust between us. You guys are really smart. Make something good come from this that's not just PR marketing fluff.
  • Bro chill lol, whatever rules apply to you will also apply to the opposition. I think it could be cool to watch your g8-9 characters come to life and start being a determining factor to a TW. I just wish I had more mods so I don't need to keep remodding
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