Will Ig88's target lock on Chewbacca's team be cleansed by R2?

Just curious if the strategy I am planning has a shot.
Stun Chewie with Cad.
Stun Han with Boosk
Shoot 88's AOE and hope it crits 3 times, lays down ability block, and target lock.
Use Boba's AOE.
Kill R2
Kill Chewie
Pray I..have another stun ready


  • You can't stun Han while Chewbacca is alive because of guard.
  • You can't stun Han while Chewbacca is alive because of guard.

    Ah! I was hoping Chewbacca stunned would deactivate it. That's cool though.
  • So here is where I am at then:
    Bring 5 crit avoidance arrows because this is a crit team. I am hoping Chewie never gets a chance to pulverized and my team will have to go first.

    Stun Chewie with Boosk. Should take off 30% Chewie protection.
    Stun R2 with Cad.
    Use Greedo's threaten for crit chance cor team.
    Greedo basic on stunned Chewie
    AOE from Boba should get some ability block. Boba will get Han countered.
    AOE 88 should get some more ability blocks and target lock.
    Bossk taunt
    Continue focus on Chewie keeping stun on when possible on him and R2.
    Bona execute Chewie when possible.
    The rest will be hoping my team doesn't get crit down.

  • You’re also forgetting about Rolo’s AoE ability block, which will make most of your specials unavailable at first.
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