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  • This is a complete load of crap. I invested time, gear, and money into some of these characters that they blocked out. And now I'm not allowed to use them? Great going guys.....
  • This is a game, not a math problem, you ruin one of the most enjoyable even in this game. I really want to understand your behavior, but this is out of my scope to understand it. Please don't touch our TW event and turn back to old style. Can you imagine, I need to write something about this terrible new update :(
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    No wonder everyone’s quitting.

    Ah hyperbole. The fuel that powers this place.
    I need a new message here.
  • Even worse when you can still select them but they crash your game...
  • This is really ,really bad, made our planning so bad
  • This is quite literally the worst decision for TWars you guys could have made. We work hard to build our teams and now some of us are sitting here with the main engines of productivity on the shelf from a vote most of us never even knew about.

    What were the other ideas? Randomly picking a group type and say "no tanks" or "no jedi"? This idea is actually worse than sith raid phase 4.
  • They were not in my possible characters. I guess I'm lucky compared to rod and reel.
  • ...
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    No wonder everyone’s quitting.

    Ah hyperbole. The fuel that powers this place.

    Actually the opposite. Many are. But "naming and shaming" is a violation of the TOS so you can take my word for it or not. Our dev guild has started getting a lot of new members, no doubt some guilds are imploding. Granted some are just the another guild cleaning house. Still.
  • I think that this new version CG is pushing out for Territory Wars is a mistaken step in trying to revamp it. And I think that many people agree. There isn’t a point in making a part of the game restrict the characters we can use when the point of the game is the collect and invest in those characters.

    I question why CG has made this move when you can just as easily buff certain characters for TW (like they have done with Mace and CUP in the past). Before TW might have been a bit stale but it was doable and somewhat fun, but this new version just makes it confusing and really lame (i.e. not being able to use all your available characters!)

    Hopefully someone in dev can see this since it just looks like the guy in CG who came up with this shot everyone in the foot 🤦🏻‍♂️. I hope this isn’t a permanent change to territory wars
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    No wonder everyone’s quitting.

    Ah hyperbole. The fuel that powers this place.

    Dude I wish it was. We’ve been recruiting more than ever because people are going inactive and moving on to other things, when we get to ask why they usually say they don’t like where the game is going.
  • I like the idea of the guild with the higher number of enrolled members setting the maximum number of deploys. If a guild wants to sandbag members they do so knowing their rosters are going to be stretched thinner to fill out the deployments.
  • I hope so too. It’s a huge mess. And it’s pointless, harsh towards the players that are struggling for months to get a toon upgraded, and there is no logical explanation provided. I think this is the first game in the world that is actually banning its own toons from playing in a game they created!
  • I liked TW until today. I’ve set my defenses for the last time. You allowed sorry players to convince you to wreck something good. We have worked to build our inventory so certain squads were at our disposal. Now that was taken away. What is the point? Do you want us to stop playing?
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    This is even worse than I expected... let's hope we will never see this kind of TW again, I'm so close to uninstall
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    What a joke, CG didnt even bother informing anyone in game about the missing toons in TW.... i cant imagine how many people are clueless as to why they cant use their rosters.... what a pathetic oversight. Great job CG
  • Well, just when I thought this new TW update was gonna be fun, y'all go and do something dumb like restricting characters. Very disappointed with it and I'm sure many other players are too. Please return TW to how it was before. We dont need any stupid extra buffs/debuffs on certain characters or have characters restricted in the TW.
  • Seems like the appropriate time to send everyone max rewards and make this a TW scrimmage....
  • Obviously it was only me who presumed you would alter the number of required teams per phase in TW. You took a great idea (bonus abilities for otherwise useless characters) and turned it in to removing toons from the game. We all sat back and accepted your idea, took part in choices and (some of us) even planned ahead. Was it really so foolish to believe you would adjust the board when removing 20 toons (4 teams) of key toons. Its basic maths, how can we expect our guildees to contribute the same defence and offence when they have less teams? It is even more complicated, when you consider the key characters that have been removed from the game. Please rectify this before the next TW!
  • Agree 100%. Swgoh took a big step back with this TW update. They need to fix it asap.
  • So, synergies is not an essential part of the game anymore. Neither is strategy or tactics.
    Why not just roll a dice instead of us wasting time to actually try to make som sense out of this. Seriously, just randomise the rewards - that will be more helpful!
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    The rest of the community starting the TW...
  • Dudes, you guys have no idea!

    I am getting way more heated about this as it goes on. I was just about to post to another thread in the more pertinent Guild Events section but they shut down the thread before I could post even the 2nd response to the OP.

    Here is what I was about to post there:

    Wow. Well. I had just created a poll about this exact issue, and it seems like the dev folks really didn't like it because they took it down and it hasn't even been 30 minutes. I guess they didn't like the fact that I pointed out that I was upset over not being able to use toons that I paid to upgrade in a marquee event.

    I agree with what you guys have said already. I was going to link you guys to my poll...but alas...

    I will try to do a more informal poll here, where hopefully they don't catch it and nix it. The options I had posted for how to keep TW dynamic, engaging, and fair were as follows:

    1 - Event bonuses for certain toons (like they did for Mace, CUP, and Grievous)
    2 - Restrictions on available toons
    3 - Ability to scout opposition guilds during preview and/or setup phases
    4 - Global event effects for certain categories (ie, revive penalties for NS, Ewoks, and other toons with Revive abilities; or enhanced evasion for scoundrels)
    5 - TW wasn't broke so it don't need fixing
  • Lmao, no proper notification in game about the characters banned from TW. Only AFTER everything is locked did they say to check the official forums...ahhhh I love it. More fuel to the wildfire that is this awful decision on banning toons for TW.
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    The same restrictions apply to the opposing team. Lets wait till the TW attack phase ends before we air any grievances
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    I'm kind of surprised that this "excluded heroes" information isn't even in the Details tab of the TW, and yet, kind of not at the same time.

    Well, let's get on with it and get this over with. Weird way to promote GA - make TW worse.
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    Lmao, no proper notification in game about the characters banned from TW. Only AFTER everything is locked did they say to check the official forums...ahhhh I love it. More fuel to the wildfire that is this awful decision on banning toons for TW.
    They sent an email to everyone's inbox a couple of days ago about this. Maybe read everything the game is saying before blaming the game for not saying things
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    I eagerly await the canned "This special TW was a huge success and everyone loved it" post after it ends, followed by quietly never mentioning it ever again.

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    I am not a huge fan of the changes, but I am really excited to not face the same squads time after time in TW. The devs are looking to make us theorycraft and dig deeper into our roster--two things that were primary aims of TW in the first place. As such, can't we sit back and watch what happens before ripping the devs up and down? I honestly think that this might be fun.
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    You don't want to see my guild chat ... and we are 82 mil guild so it's hard for us to have 1 fully operated squad. Looking like you could make this TW for Tuskens and Jawas only, same result. I wish that it's 1 time episode and never happen again. I'm the person who never complains lol
  • I’ve honestly never been so demotivated to play this game. With the help of a guildmate, I scrapped together a whopping 2 teams for TW that are going on defense since I don’t want to risk it on offense. Normally, I’m in the top 12 contributors of TW. This really sucks, considering that this is normally my favorite game mode.
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