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    I wish that the squad size that was needed was reduced since we lost a bunch of our key players.

    That was the initial point of this thread! :-)
  • I seriously cant believe they thought this TW crud was a good idea. We haven't had one in a while and I was so excited to try out new teams and see how many battles they could withstand... but alas almost all of my good leaders are removed... makes me feel like I've wasted my time playing this game for the last couple months... makes me wonder if i should keep wasting my time on it
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    "Are you saying I'm banned from the Forums?"
    CG: "Of course not, we are just banning a lot of your hard earned toons in TW"
    "They are banned????"
    CG "They're banned!"
  • Most feedback online is negative. Not sure why this decision was made. Been playing since the beginning, and while they've made many wonderful advances and changes to the game, I dont think this is one of them.

    Why not focus on things people really want to see in this iconic Star Wars game: Jedi Luke (Ep. VI), new TB/TW locations with buffs for First Order and Resistance, First Order and Resistance capital ships, the much requested Grievous rework?
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    Once again, a Star Wars Galaxy MMO doesn't listen to it's playerbase and gives the people what they never asked for.

    Do you guys have Smedley working there now?

    Played SWG until the end, loved it. Shame they gave an exclusive deal to a company which caused the shut down.
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    Why are they ignoring this big ole “community TW” thread? They took the time to make this stupid event and even did some message with a graphic in game about it. But will not even make post to the community they are doing this to.
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  • Super, ultra, fantastically, horribly thought up idea! Totally lame to Nerf the characters we have worked so hard to get in order to mix it up a bit! All the players that I know are miffed and thinking about quitting over this. It's not enough for the game to have horrible drops on, well, everything. The developers have found a way to take away our hard earned characters and also suck all of the fun and joy out of the game. Must be nice to rack in the millions and screw the little guy over. I bet that the next thing we will hear is that they are running for public office somewhere. Why not take your hard earned money too so they can have a raise.
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    Grimstoned wrote: »
    Why are they ignoring this big ole “community TW” thread? They took the time to make this stupid event and even did some message with a graphic in game about it. But will not even make post to the community they are doing this to.

    We know what they are doing and they told us why.
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    A bunch of people have made it known that that they don’t anticipate enjoying this TW, of course none of us have played it yet. If the post TW feedback supports this and then CG does the same thing for the next one...that would be ignoring the comments.

    We can’t call them out for not paying attention until at least the next TW comes out to see what modifications have been made.

    While I respect your position, the negative commentary began weeks ago in the primary thread where they first proposed this action. The overwhelming response was...bad idea.... please don't do this...please....

    They ignored that feedback. I believe they should be called out for that.

    I am not of the pitchfork and torches variety, but I am unhappy that 5 of my 8 squads over 80k power are now nerfed. If they came out and said oops sorry! We are not doing this again, then I could shrug and move on. As TW is my favorite part of the game and what my entire development strategy has focused on, I would be ok at this point if I knew it was just one TW.

    I assure you there is nothing about this that I will enjoy more tomorrow than I enjoy today, and I believe the feedback needed has already been provided.

    Closure would be nice at this point.

    And I believe all future complaints should be in the form of haiku:

    Bounty Hunters gone,
    Nightsisters nowhere to be found.
    Not fun. Please no more.

  • I've been locked in a holding pattern on two prestige quests since the beginning of December. Both require offensive territory war attack wins with Cassian and Dengar. Based on the original December event schedule I would have completed both quests by 12/31. Because of the introduction of grand arena there have been no territory wars. Now that we finally have one, Dengar is blocked. This kind of sucks. Can we get makeup territory wars and prevent these characters and other characters associated with prestige quests from being banned?

    Also, because I am so far into these prestige quests it doesn't make sense to abandon them, but because all progress is blocked I can't even do other quests in the mean time. Functionally the recent updates have removed prestige quests as an option for me. And I really liked them.
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    While I believe this character ban is a total "not cool" move on their part - they made it worse by leaving the amount of required defense teams the same. For my guild, it was 24 teams per, and is still 24 per now.

    That's complete "not cool" considering they took out 20 (four teams worth)!
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  • Update: now that preview phase started I still don't like this "community style" idea. Not one bit. I expect to like it even less on offense, but at this point...

    All I want is a response from CG. If this week ends without a direct response about TW, or we get the Road Ahead post without any acknowledgement of this TW debacle, then that would be very disappointing by any professional standard.
  • This TW with banned toons was apparently community driven?

    Like this community? Like SWGOH community?

    Can someone explain what I'm missing here?
  • Never go full kitten
  • You devs don't stop my switch going keep winning the battles untill I dont play anymore and I am one of your whales
  • So why do banned toons show as available in tw? They still can't be used. It just makes me restart everytime I guess wrong on a combination. So now that we are trying it can we complain it still stinks? And now we can add the execution is abysmal?
  • I can't even tell you how much I hate the idea of banning a toon , some was very hard to get ...... people have said it here a lot of time. I made an account just to come here and tell you how much I hate this. ... you say people hate to battle that toon so we will banned it , why not learn to beat it ... I work really hard to get my Raven,Nest and Traya .... now you take them away ... that not much fun for me
  • I guess non of the community asked for this kind of TW. I dont have Traya, or Revan, but i think banning characters from a game mode is not the right direction. Ppl want a fair competition, not banning hard earned characters from the game, or characters you have payed for to get at first release. Imperial troopers are useless, BH's one of the top defensive team is useless, FO is nearly useless, NS squad without zombie is useless. I'm near to the point as a f2p player, that i can't put down any hard to kill defensive squads.
  • Man, the whales are ****. CG, I for one love the salt.

    People, we all have the same handicap so yeah, defense will be harder, FOR EVERYONE.

    sheesh, bunch of whinging, entitled, frothing at the mouth, spoiled brats. It just might be fun to experiment with non-standard combos
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    Man, the whales are ****. CG, I for one love the salt.

    People, we all have the same handicap so yeah, defense will be harder, FOR EVERYONE.

    sheesh, bunch of whinging, entitled, frothing at the mouth, spoiled brats. It just might be fun to experiment with non-standard combos

    No, it wont be harder for everyone, even if you type with capital letters like a 10 yo.
    If youre teams are not around the banned characters, then you wint be impacted in a negative way at all. Also, if your teams are not around the banned characters, then they are probably around something else, something sub meta. The majority of thr people do not focus on sub meta teams, therefore their available roster will be weaker than yours, despite spending more time/energy on getting meta teams.

    If this, if that....

    If you aren't building teams around traya, revan, zombie, gk, etc. You aren't playing properly. "Lighten up, we are all in the same boat", said the 10 year old
  • Reminds me of mad scientist doing whatever they wanted to. Without a care of course, towards anyone or anything.

    I feel like a puppet on a string, being pulled, lifted, played with for other's amusement.
    What a terrible idea this is banning toon's. Can we see the poll results, saying this is going to be a new energized way to have fun. Bogus!!
    But I guess it's easier for your coder's to just ban toon's,then actually code in some content, like the one prior event, which gave perks to 4 toon's.
    At least this method made us think, strategize a bit better, different. As (ex) Mace Windu would pwn Sith team's.

    Stop playing the crazy mad scientist pls. Not fun.
  • Real world consequences: I am a whale and buy several vaults a month. I have not bought one since this was announced. You have lost several hundred dollars from me alone due to this TW.

    Now let’s take away the whale and losing money aspect. Let’s take away the not being able to use hard earned characters aspect. Let’s focus purely on the fun aspect and nothing else:

    1. It is not fun playing squads with characters that were not designed for the squad. First order is fun to play because all the characters have synergy with each other. Now I have to replace FOST and FOO with two characters that don’t fit and don’t have synergy. That’s not fun.
    2. As an officer of a TW-focused guild, spending countless hours helping come up with new squads and new defensive strategies every TW or every couple TWs is not fun. It is a huge time sink in a game that already takes a ton of time.

    I think CG may have thought that they would make money because people would spend to gear up unused characters to replace the banned characters. I guarantee you that is not happening. No one is suddenly changing their gearing plans and gearing up FOSFTP just to use him for this TW. Quite the contrary. Many people have stopped spending money because of this and more than a couple people have quit the game entirely because you ruined their favorite aspect of the game.

    The flabbergasting part of all this is they’ve had weeks to read this and all they had to do was say “We’ve heard the community. We’re going to have a normal TW instead of what we planned, and we’ll explore different ideas for future TWs.” Do you have any idea how much the community would have respected you if you had done that? Do you have any idea how much goodwill you would have earned? Do you have any idea how much lost revenue you could have avoided?

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